London-based Zeroheight Raises $ 10 Million for World’s First DesignOps Platform

If a design is to deliver impressive results, it must focus on the user experience and user interface. The key then is to balance technicality and visuals to keep users on a page or website. At present when user experience (UX) is not just about beauty and the realm goes much further, high quality UX is a must-have factor for a business to be successful in its endeavors. However, scaling the impact of UX teams is not straightforward, and as a result, in recent years, teams have turned to so-called DesignOps platforms that can help them. .

London-based Zeroheight is capitalizing on this new buzzword to become a key DesignOps platform for UX teams. The platform provides a central place to document UX as well as design APIs to accelerate UX delivery. Its vision is to be the leading DesignOps platform and to do for UX delivery what DevOps platforms like GitHub have done for code building and shipping.

Leading investors

The startup announced its $ 10 million Series A funding round led by Tribe Capital, with participation from Adobe, Y Combinator, FundersClub and Expa, as well as angel investors including Tom Preston-Werner (co-founder of GitHub), Bradley Horowitz (VP Product at Google), Irene Au (UX design creation and management for Google) and Nick Caldwell (VP Engineering at Twitter).

Solve new DesignOps challenges

Since its inception in 2015, the company has focused on UX documentation, but will now explore other areas such as bridging the gap between design and development. The platform will explore other issues such as allowing UX teams to widely adopt the new methodology in their organizations and help bridge the gap between design and development even further.

The funding will also allow the company to continue to develop the team to accomplish its mission more quickly.

Expansion to UK and US

With the new investment, the DesignOps platform also aims to expand to the San Francisco / Bay area and grow the team at all levels.

Jérôme de Lafargue, co-founder and CEO of zeroheight, said: “Zeroheight does for UX what DevOps platforms like GitHub do for building and shipping code, providing a central place to document and manage UX components, coupled with design APIs that allow teams to skip the design transfer phase entirely and speed up the UX delivery process.

Fix the scaling issue for UX teams

The company is tackling the problem of scaling UX teams. “Problems have arisen because UX teams have grown tremendously over the past few years, as UX is now so important for most businesses to just compete. And so because of that you now need centralization, you need reusable components so that teams can be efficient and not lose quality as they keep shipping, ”he added.

Some of the more interesting DesignOps problems are large-scale, which is why the company has many Fortune 500 companies like Adobe and United Airlines as customers. Post-series-A will redouble its efforts to solve the use cases of these complex organizations while making the business an organization capable of continuing to support customers enterprise-wide.

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