Londoner visits ‘hidden Welsh village’ and falls madly in love with it

A visitor shared what she described as a ‘hidden village’ in Wales and people around the world fell in love with it.

Meera Pankhania, 25, from London, shared her visit on TikTok and said upon arrival that she immediately felt like she was on the shores of Lake Como in Italy. And other TikTok users are blown away by the spot. You can find more secret places in Wales than you have ever seen here.

Meera visited Portmeirion, the beautiful Italian-style village on the shores of Cardigan Bay built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, who was inspired by the vibrant colors and architecture of the Italian Riviera. Endangered buildings and unwanted artifacts from all over the world have even been transported to the village and reconstructed to create loggias, large porticoes and tiny houses with terracotta roofs, painted in bright colors.

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Sharing a video of the spot online with her followers, Meera asked, “Did you know there is a hidden village in the UK that looks like Italy?”

Its video shows vibrant Italian-style buildings and beautiful views of the beach as well as a Mediterranean square, which is the centerpiece of the village. In another video, Meera responded to another TikToker who said they also went to the village but found it “boring”.

Meera shared other stunning images from her trip to show how beautiful the village is. His videos have received over 318,000 views, 56,000 likes and thousands of comments from people who couldn’t get enough of the Secret Village. One person wrote: “I captured it beautifully, how could anyone be bored here? Another said: “I’ve been there before, it’s pretty.”

Meera Pankhania was blown away by Portmeirion, as were thousands of TikTok users she shared her video with

Meera Pankhania while in Wales
Meera Pankhania while in Wales

One person urged Meera to keep the beautiful village a secret, commenting, “Noooo, don’t tell everyone or it will be filled with TikTokers. It’s not too late to remove this.” And another TikToker said: “I’m Welsh and have never heard of this place so thank you! Not everyone knows.”

“My boyfriend and I were supposed to go to Portugal this weekend, but since he was on the Amber list, we visited here as an alternative and then climbed Mount Snowdon,” Meera told Jam Press.

A video capture showing Meera's journey to Portmeirion
A video capture showing Meera’s journey to Portmeirion

“We stayed there for two days and although I have never visited Italy myself, I felt like I was at Lake Como. When you arrive, parking is free, tickets must be pre-booked and cost £ 14 per adult for entry to the village.

“Once you arrive you almost instantly feel in Italy. The view was amazing over a beautiful lake that the village overlooked. When you are in the village you are free to walk around. They have a few shops, cafes, bars and restaurants as well as a hotel on site where I have not stayed. “

A beautiful image of the village of Portmeirion captured by Meera
A beautiful image of the village of Portmeirion captured by Meera

Meera said on arrival that she felt like she was in Italy
Meera said on arrival that she felt like she was in Italy

Meera notes that the village has managed to remain largely “hidden”, as few people outside Wales know about it. She added: “Most people outside the region haven’t heard of it, as well as a few people who actually live in Wales.”

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