Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti declares war on homeless people

Likewise, donors with deep pockets are targeting the locally elected officials who most support LA’s homeless community: Councilor Mike Bonin, who recounted his own experiences of relocation in the 1980s and was a staunch opponent of LA. some of the worst anti-homeless measures during his tenure, faced a questionable recall election at the hands of an organized campaign whose website scares Bonin’s positions on housing: “Under Mike Bonin’s watch, the humanitarian crisis of the homeless population is growing exponentially… Fires. Local businesses in trouble… We are afraid to visit public beaches and community parks. A parallel recall effort has also been made against new city councilor Nithya Raman, who was propelled to power last year by a left-wing coalition, despite the efforts of Nancy Pelosi and other leading Democrats who have it all. made to help his opponent. It is no coincidence that Bonin and Raman were the only two council members to vote against the new law last week.

What Katzenberg and his allies wonwhat they were able to capture the political system to dois heinous. The surprisingly wealthy Angelenos have extracted fortunes from a system that has relegated tens of thousands of their neighbors to the streets. They have seen their capital incomes and property values ​​skyrocket as rent prices demand disproportionate amounts of workers’ incomes. They fought tooth and nail against the new assisted living units, in the name of the fight against the depreciation of their own land values ​​and the wealth of their neighborhoods, to keep as many people as possible living in tents, to launch new crusades to get rid of them at gunpoint.

Over 60,000 Angelenos now have nowhere to go. Some of them will enter and leave the shelters. Many more will be charged with camping offenses and end up in jail or jail. But what happens to them isn’t the business of the wealthiest people in liberal California, and they don’t hesitate to let you know.

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