‘Love Is Blind’ Star Nancy Rodriguez’s Instagram Shows What It’s Like to Own Airbnbs in Texas

Netflix’s third installment Love is blind introduced viewers to another group of Texans hoping to find romance. For a Dallas-area real estate investor named Nancy Rodriguez, things are already heating up. Her Instagram account shows glimpses of many aspects of her life when she’s not trying to find a significant other on a reality TV series.

From polite world traveler to Airbnb owner, her social media gives us a taste of what life in the Lone Star State is like for Rodriguez.

It’s pretty obvious that the 32-year-old’s passion remains with flipping properties, outside of her full-time job as a speech therapist.

She revealed, in an Instagram story highlight, that she has turned several rundown spaces into livable pads for Airbnb and even gives people tips on how to do the same. La Latina currently owns three properties around the DFW area.

You can also follow as she tends to post updates on the building process. From tearing up the innards of a home to decorating spaces for guests, it’s like Rodriguez is Dallas’ very own Joanna Gaines.

Rodriguez in an Instagram story. Right: Rodriguez using a mace.@thenancyrodriguez | instagram

The star has repeatedly shown that she’s not afraid to get dirty and fix things herself. She’ll take a hammer from an old tile and go up to an attic to fix an air conditioning unit.

We’ll just have to wait for the next set of episodes to see if she’ll have to mend her engagement with Bartise Bowden.

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