Lubbock ranked #8 travel destination for fall

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) — As Labor Day approaches and marks the transition out of summer, Airbnb has shared its most popular U.S. cities for travelers, based on most nights booked, and Lubbock ranked #8 in travel destinations this fall. As college football season kicks off, Airbnb hosts in Lubbock are gearing up to welcome back fans for big events, like Texas Tech Football.

Airbnb host Lashell Beadle has high hopes for a winning season with the return of Texas Tech Football.

“The next few months are expected to be very high just because of things like football and basketball, and Texas Tech going back to school,” Beadle says. “And so we hope that we will remain quite reserved for the next few months as well.”

She has been an Airbnb host for almost two years.

“Whenever we started on Airbnb, we thought Texas Tech would bring in the majority of guests,” Beadle said. “But we were really surprised, we’ve had people travel for really any reason, a lot of people will drop by and they’ll just stay overnight traveling like Colorado, or if they’re driving to Austin they’re kind of in these regions just to interrupt their journey. And then the hospitals actually bring in quite a few people too.

In addition to medical professionals, many students from around the world also stay at Beadle’s Airbnb.

“But then we also get a lot of students, right now we’re getting a student from Africa who actually just studied for a graduate program,” Beadle said, “So we’re really getting a bit of everything, which is awesome.”

For the past two months, Beadle’s two Airbnb homes have been booked almost every night.

“So our occupancy rate for both of our accommodations is between 80% and 100%. So we are booked at least 20 days a month, usually more in the last few months we have been booked almost every day of the month , which has been awesome,” Beadle said.

Beadle said she and her husband are excited to welcome travelers to Lubbock this fall.

“We had a lot of fun hosting on Airbnb and meeting people from all over the state, the country and even the world,” Beadle said. “So yeah, we’re really happy to be Airbnb hosts. And hopefully we’ll have good bookings in the next few months.

Haven Thorn is the communications manager for Airbnb in North America, he said the most popular cities are based on the number of nights booked.

“We looked at all the different destinations across the United States. And Lubbock ranked in the top 10 for most nights booked for all guests traveling to the country this fall,” Thorn said, “So not necessarily extended stays, but you know, a lot of people come to Lubbock because you know big events are returning and they want to see their favorite college football team again this fall.

While many visit Texas Tech Football, they also provide opportunities for local businesses.

“The economic opportunity to win is quite significant for local hosts and local small businesses during these exciting, high-traffic football games, but people are just thrilled to visit their favorite cities across the United States, including Lubbock,” Thorn said.

There is still demand for Lubbock Airbnb hosts this fall. For more information on hosting tips and requirements, visit the Airbnb website here.

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