Ludwig and xQc Successfully Reimburse Victims of ItsSliker Gambling Controversy

72 victims were awarded just under $250,000.

Popular online Twitch streamer Ludwig has announced that he and xQc, with the help of several other people, have managed to fully reimburse all victims of the Sliker game controversy that took place last month. If you’re not familiar, popular Twitch streamer and former Team Liquid member ItsSliker tricked his fans out of over $200,000 to help fund his gambling addiction. ItsSliker had asked his fans for money , claiming he had his bank account blocked, and used the funds to gamble and pay off debtors.

Ludwig announced closer to the event that he would be working with others to help victims of the scam, and nearly a month after the debacle, it now appears that all of those fans who were duped have been refunded. . Ludwig reveals that 72 people were affected by ItsSliker’s scam and the streamer managed to scam a total of $242,956. Ludwig then calls on Twitch to “do its job” and ban ItsSliker from the platform.


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Thankfully, this kind of controversy might happen less in the future, as the events that unfolded after the ItsSliker scam prompted Twitch to ban the streaming of unlicensed gaming sites, especially those dealing with of cryptocurrency. Admittedly, this does very little to stop streamers from ripping off their audiences, but it will put a dent in the gaming meta on Twitch and we should hopefully start to see less of it on the platform as a result.

It hasn’t been a good couple of months for Twitch, as following the gambling controversy, it now has to deal with a disastrous TwitchCon in which streamer Adrianna Chechik and several others injured themselves in a pit. very shallow foam. Chechik herself has come out of the worst, as the streamer now needs backup after breaking her back in two places.

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