Lux Living Proposition for Oakland and Kingshighway

Lux Living’s proposal for an apartment building on the 1000 block of S Kingshighway in Oakland in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood will be presented and discussed at the FPSE Neighborhood Association Meet September 21. The saga of the long vacant and deteriorated properties owned by Drury could come to an end.

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The developer is proposing a 6-story building with 144 apartments (32 studios, 101 one-bedroom units, 11 two-bedroom units) to replace the seven buildings in the 1000 block of South Kingshighway. The building goes down to the back with three stories in Oakland and one in Arco with amenity decks on top. The apartments have a sort of recessed, projecting or Juliet balcony. As in Chelsea, there is a publicly accessible bistro in the lobby with a courtyard facing Kingshighway to watch the jaydriving over the sewers. The design team consists of VE Design Group and Burkhart Elliott Creative.

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The proposal is scaled back from one released a few months ago which had 177 units, one more story, and extended east beyond the alley to include the razing of a few buildings along Oakland. and d’Arco for new two-story townhouse-like buildings flanking a ground-level swimming pool and amenity area.

There is an act restriction prohibiting short term rentals like Airbnb. I guess Drury added that not to compete with their hotel if that were to happen. Lux Living’s apartment rental through Airbnb under TheStay profile ruffled some feathers and likely would have been a topic of a neighborhood reunion.

There would be 144 indoor parking spaces, all underground accessible from the back lane, meeting the city’s mandate of one space per unit. But in this case, it is the maximum allowed by the Code based on an FPSE form. For parcels designated “Neighborhood Core” which are primarily along Kingshighway, there is no minimum parking lot for residential uses. If, like at Lux Living’s Chelsea, parking is included in the rent, renters without a car will end up subsidizing those who have a car. Underground spaces are all the more expensive as rents increase. #parkingsmartstl

The developer believes they have met the requirements of the Zoning Codes and Forms Based Codes and therefore will not need any variation. They also won’t look for tax incentives, although their chances would have been next to zero had they looked for one. The existing buildings are in the historic district of the FPSE, so the demolition will go to the Cultural Resources Office and probably before the Preservation Council.

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1000 S Kingshighway

The view of Forest Park Southeast from Kingshighway has long belied the massive investment and change in the neighborhood behind. The deterioration of Drury’s properties has been a source of consternation for residents of the neighborhood. There is also skepticism vis-à-vis the developer among some residents of the neighborhood, including members of the board of directors of FPSE NA.

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