Luxury Hotelschool Paris invests in the future of recruitment for the luxury hotel industry

PARIS, September 26, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Luxury Hotelschool Paris, an international management school dedicated to the luxury hotel industry, unveils its ambitions for the start of the new school year and announces the appointment of Marie-Amélie de Leusse, President of Rémy Cointreau as head of its Strategic Council.

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Luxury Hospitality School Paris

Opened in 1993 and after an investment of ten million euros over the last ten years, the Luxury Hotelschool Paris is investing more to adapt to the new demands of students, hoteliers and consumers. Its campus, located in the heart of the 8e arrondissement of Paris, received five million euros in renovation work to combine luxury, modernity and conviviality.

It is increasingly difficult to attract young people to work in the hotel industry, but luxury remains very attractive. That’s why we invested so that our students are immersed in this universe from the moment they enter the school, with its luxurious decor, right through to the classrooms. Outside of school, we also take our students to explore and immerse themselves in this culture by discovering the great hotels and taking them to lunch in Michelin-starred restaurants.“, Explain Arnaud Bouvier, President of Luxury Hotelschool.

A focus on international and digital issues
The Luxury Hotelschool Paris already offers joint programs with Hotelschool of Lausanne (EHL) – the world’s leading hotel school – and aims to accelerate its international development by enabling a greater number of students to access the “French Touch” of luxury management. With this in mind, the school has appointed its ambassador, Sébastien Siffritt, to expand the school’s network of partner universities and hotels around the world. The school is also planning a new round of funding to support and accelerate this phase of expansion.

Another factor favoring the internationalization of the school, the launch of the first Bachelor in Hospitality Management 100% online in France. This innovation will allow hoteliers, in France and abroad, to follow a distance training program and benefit from the expertise of the Luxury Hotelschool wherever they are. “The online Bachelor is a career accelerator that immerses graduates in the new codes of luxuryalways demanding in terms of style and quality, but also more human and modern in terms of management,” continues Arnaud Bouvier, who teaches management in this program. “We are entering this new phase of development beyond our borders with the intention of meeting the current challenges of Industry. We believe our approach to trust and well-being can transform the way managers work around the world, helping to solve the recruitment challenge by balancing luxury, excellence and personal fulfilment.”

Appointment of Marie-Amélie de Leusse
Marie-Amélie de Leusse is the daughter of Dominique Hériard Dubreuil, who was Chairman of Rémy Cointreau from 1998 to 2012. Appointed Chairman of her family group this year, Marie-Amélie is also head of the Strategic Council of the Luxury Hotelschool Paris . Marie-Amélie de Leusse will focus on the school’s strategic vision, which is based on the triple foundation of internationalism, academic excellence and luxury. His acute sense of the preservation and transmission of a unique heritage and culture, stemming from his experience at Rémy Cointreau, resonates with the mission of transmitting the values ​​and know-how of luxury and hospitality to the Luxury Hotelschool Paris.

“At Marie-Amelie’s role in the school’s strategic and operational bodies has been essential in the implementation of the school’s transformation. We see the Rémy Cointreau group as an example of French family success in the world of luxury“, concludes Arnaud Bouvier.

About Luxury Hotelschool Paris
Created 30 years ago, the Luxury Hotelschool Paris is an international hotel school dedicated to luxury. Its mission is to support the transition of companies towards the economy of well-being and sustainable development by delivering training in positive management based on trust, inclusion and sharing. The origins of the school date back to the 19e century when Charles Bouvier, the great-grandfather of the current president of the school, joined the Société Internationale des Wagons-Lits in charge of the banquets on the presidential train. The only school in the world to take its students to spend a night in a luxury hotel, the Luxury Hotelschool offers the unique opportunity to experience luxury in order to understand its magic. Located at 69 boulevard Haussmann in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, the school has an exceptional campus which acts as a showcase dedicated to luxury, learning and well-being.

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