Mallorca and Ibiza ‘safe for UK visitor destinations’ despite redlist fears

Government officials in the Balearic Islands have stressed the region is safe for British holidaymakers – despite an alarming rise in Covid infections.

A travel expert has claimed that the cases of Covid in the Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera are now worse than some countries currently on the red list.

He said: “The latest #Balearics data shows significantly higher positive case rates than several existing Red List countries.

# Balearic Islands now at 519/100 000 over 14 days, against 81 for Turkey; Maldives 322; and Sri Lanka 98. Highlights the inconsistency in decision-making regarding traffic lights “

But Balearic President Francina Armengol agreed the spike in infections was concerning, but was convinced it would not negatively impact the summer holiday season.

The Balearics were demoted this week to amber status by UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps after just two weeks as a non-quarantine destination.

However, on Monday, all double-bitten UK visitors can visit the area without quarantine upon their return to the UK.

Sna Armengol said the current wave of infections across the islands “had nothing to do” with previous outbreaks due to the rollout of vaccination.

She added that there was no pressure on hospitals and the situation was under control and not overloaded.

The president stressed that the islands are “an absolutely safe destination” but refused to rule out an escalation of restrictions, including the extension of curfews, if the epidemic worsens.

She said the government and the health ministry are studying measures and these will be disclosed next week. Any new measure is likely to affect social gatherings, so it is unlikely to affect most tourist sites.

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The Balearic government added that it was confident the islands would not be awarded red status during the next UK travel review.

Tourism Minister Iago Negueruela called for “individual responsibility” to improve the current situation.

He added: “More than 35 million Britons can travel with a full double vaccination. So we will receive fully vaccinated people and family vacations, a type of tourism that we have always championed.”

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