Man pays to fly to London via Menorca because it’s cheaper than going direct

A Sunderland football fan has revealed he will be traveling to Wembley Stadium in London via Spain to watch his side take part in the play-off finals, with the flight being cheaper than a train to the capital. James Jelly, 33, will spend a night in Menorca awaiting his trip to watch his side take on Wycombe Wonderers in the League One play-off final on Saturday May 21.

Traveling from Newcastle International Airport, it will depart and return for just £12.50, while a return ticket to Stansted costs just £10.50. The Black Cats fan, from Sunderland, told the BBC : “I do things without thinking and when we were sitting in the cricket club discussing travel options for Wembley, I thought there must be another option than spending six hours on a bus or going to spend hundreds on a train to London.

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“It was £161 one way for a direct flight to Gatwick and I kept looking until I saw the £23 flights to Menorca. At first I thought I could sleep at Mahon airport, then I read that it closes at 00:30, so I booked in a hostel. It looks basic but it includes breakfast.”

Purchasing manager James will fly to Menorca at 4pm on Thursday and then land in London at 6pm the following day for a total price of £23. He will also pay £28 for his hostel room in Spain, but won’t have to pay for the transfer as he gets caught by another fan. He also managed to get himself driven home after the game.

James’ ticket for the game was £55, meaning the whole weekend cost him just over £100. He will also not have to pay for accommodation in London as he has said he will be staying with his grandparents in Surrey.

He told the BBC: “I don’t feel like I miss the banter of going to London with other fans because I really like to travel and it’s an adventure, just me and my backpack. lanyard, packed with my essentials.

“I’m more nervous than excited about the Wembley part of the trip – we’ve been to Wembley several times now and the result hasn’t been our way, so while I’m excited I’m mostly nervous about the game. – excluding final.

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