Man spotted selling £10 eggs near Margaret Thatcher statue

A man who was spotted selling eggs for £10 each next to the controversial new statue of Margaret Thatcher and shoved by police claims he left with the intention of getting ‘dirty rich’.

Oli Dugmore, journalist at JOE.frdecided to set up an egg stall next to the newly erected ‘Iron Lady’ statue in hopes of ‘meeting recent demand’ for eggs and sell one for £10 a pop .

The Grantham-based statue, which has been the target of eggs since its unveiling, was recently attacked by a member of staff at the University of Leicester, it is alleged.

The ‘entrepreneurial move’ has drawn mixed feelings from locals

Despite mixed attention from locals and passers-by, with one driver apparently calling him a ‘fucking loser’, Oli admitted to the Daily Star that he failed to sell a single egg.

“Maybe my price was too high,” he told us.

“But to be honest, in a few months with the state of our economy, I think some people will come back to it and want to get in on the action.”

Police snuffed out the company's quick move in just 20 minutes
Police snuffed out the company’s quick move in just 20 minutes

Oli said the alleged creation of the statue by a member of staff at the University of Leicester was the inspiration for his business idea as there was “a demand and no supply”.

He said: “I thought, basically, there was a demand and a lack of supply. There is an opportunity here.

“If this guy shows up and makes a statue and there’s no one nearby selling eggs, we could make a good profit.

“But maybe my calculations were wrong, maybe it was the police, or maybe it was a hint from Brussels and the EU.

“Maybe it was the nanny state that was suffocating the entrepreneur’s spirit.”

The statue has been the target of vandals since its inauguration
The statue has been the target of vandals since its inauguration

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The fast-paced trade move was truly snuffed out by police in just 20 minutes – who told Oli he would aid and assist criminal damage if one of his eggs hit something.

PCSO Patrick, who was pictured moving Oli, tweeted that he had a ‘call for a possible egg throwing at the Margaret Thatcher statue’.

He has been contacted for further comment.

Oli Dugmore and his team at will post a video about their escapades at the Iron Lady’s Grantham statue – exploring the topics of Thatcherism and the culture war around the statues in a “tongue and cheek way”.

“You don’t have to be boring or dry to talk about these topics,” he said.

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