Manifesto Anděl opens on August 17

Construction work has already started in Prague 5 at the corner of Stroupežnického and Ostrovského streets, as Manifesto Anděl prepares to welcome its first visitors on August 17.

The opening celebration will last nearly a week until August 22. The lineup will feature music programs, beauty corners and other attractions for the first guests to discover and appreciate the new place.

“We will be organizing six days of concerts and other cultural programs for our first visitors. We had to delay the project due to the pandemic, so we want to make the most of the late start. At the same time, no one has to worry about missing out if they’re not in town for the first few hours of fun., explains founder Martin Barry.

The hallmark design element of the market will be its airy construction of mint scaffolding, an element of shallow water and abundant vegetation, including vertical walls made of plants, in addition to countless novelties driven by effort. sustainable. The project, designed by architects Chybík + Krištof, aroused great interest as soon as it was unveiled to the public and elicited favorable reactions.

Gastronomic city

There will be 15 restaurants in Anděl, most of them still unknown to customers of Manifesto. “We are going to create a Pan-Asian section where customers will find various Asian specialties side by side, such as the new Japanese bistro Taiko, which specializes in ramen and Japanese street food. We will also have Korean cuisine ”Barry added.

Among the newcomers will be the Brazilian restaurant Favela. Anděl will also feature Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop, a patisserie and cafe, bistros serving tapas, tacos, burgers, seafood, Napoke’s popular Hawaiian poke and Feancy fries.

The brand new SOOT cocktail bar and a large beer bar will be located next to the cultural zone. Manifesto will once again take guests on a culinary journey around the world, with virtual kitchens and delivery services concentrated in the back of the house.

Green oasis

Guests will enjoy a generous space that can accommodate 500 seats, immersed in lush greenery – trees, climbing plants as well as a pair of green walls installed by the innovative Czech family business Liko-S.

Their essential installation will frame the cultural scene. Their vertical green wall technologies are made from recycled materials. Their role is to improve the aesthetics of the space, but above all, they serve to lower the air temperature, maintain a pleasant microclimate, reduce dust and absorb unwanted noise. This ability to cool the air is supported by a self-watering system, which ensures a stable supply of moisture to the plants and its evaporation.

No plastic

This year, Manifesto will present porcelain plates and classic cutlery, which will replace disposable tableware in Anděl for on-site meals. Since 2019, draft beers and drinks have been served in glass mugs.

This saved approximately 760,000 single-use plastic cups of corn in one year. Packaging materials for food delivery are compostable and environmentally friendly, and Manifesto’s ready-to-drink seasonal cocktails are presented in glass bottles.

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