Many Texas cities rank among the best for remote employees

A recent analysis of LawnStarter revealed that Texas is a very friendly place, especially for remote workers, based on metrics such as “internet quality, cost of living, and access to coworking spaces” in addition to other factors such as financial incentives provided by state and local governments.

Texas cities Plano and Frisco took No. 1 and No. 2 respectively. Of the 200 cities ranked, Texas had a whopping 1/8th of the full list, with 12 cities in the top 50.

Why is Texas so attractive for remote workers?

No state income tax, to begin with. This metric gave Texas a big boost.

Other metrics such as affordable cost of living, amenities, good internet connection, security, and earning potential also helped Texas earn top honors.

These things are all quantifiable, but what about the “softer” reasons to call Texas your home – if you work from home? It’s subjective of course, and I’m horribly biased, but I really think Texas has a lot to offer in this area as well.

You mean everything

Texans tend to be very, if not overly, friendly people. We hold ourselves to such high standards of politeness that I’m surprised if the person in front of me doesn’t hold the door open. Most people I know rely heavily on “please” and “thank you” and tend to use affectionate nicknames for people. I definitely do – most people in my life are sweethearts, sugars, candies and whatever else comes to mind.

Texas is also a huge state – with different landscapes and microcultures depending on where you are – the relaxed atmosphere of the hills of central Texas, the beach life of the coast or the sublime beauty of the prairie of Texas. West Texas I’m proud to call home.

It is a melting pot, of course, with a rich and deep history. Transplants are welcome – just stay friendly, y’all.

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