Massive New Davenport Vacation Home Costs Up To $25,000 A Night

DAVENPORT, Florida – A unique vacation rental home in Davenport is attracting a lot of attention from tourists looking for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Fantasy Island Resort Orlando could be your home away from home.

“When you walk through the front door, you are greeted by Oscar, by name or title,” said Extreme Getaway Homes President Emmanuel Mohammed.

Located minutes from Orlando attractions, this luxury vacation home is an attraction on its own.

“Unlike anything you’ve ever seen anywhere in the world,” Mohammed said.


Fantasy Island Resort Orlando is not your average Airbnb. It has 20 bedrooms and 26 bathrooms. Each has a different movie theme and plays the movie soundtrack when you enter the room.

Some popular rooms are Titanic, Lion King and Rocky. The massive house also has a basketball court, movie theater, lazy river, and bowling alley.

It also comes with a huge price tag. The President of Extreme Getaway Homes said if you want to stay here it will cost you a pretty penny.

movie home titanic.png


“From around $3,995 a night to around $25,000 a night depending on the season,” Mohammed said.

Visit Central Florida said Davenport has seen increased interest in vacation rental homes since the pandemic.

“Whether they come to LEGOLAND or Disney or any of those other places, we can provide them with a really good, world-class product,” said Chris Follenus of Visit Central Florida.

He said half of the available room inventory in Polk County is vacation rental homes, making it an important segment of the local economy.

“This is a single 20-bedroom vacation home, so if you’re thinking of an average three-bedroom vacation rental, just multiply that by about seven times to get the kind of impact you’re getting from it. From a fiscal perspective and in terms of the people it attracts,” Follenus said.

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