Memphis officer charged with fatal accident has been released on bail

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The Memphis police officer arrested following a fatal accident appeared in court on Wednesday.

Judge Bill Anderson cleared Antonio Marshall’s release on his own pledge on Wednesday, just hours after surrendering for two counts of homicide and driving. A judge also ordered him to undergo a mental exam and told him not to have contact with the families.

Marshall has a background in the military and law enforcement, which made his release a priority, but he didn’t look like it. He had to be taken to court and was wearing a walking boot. He also did not answer any questions when confronted with reporters.

After hearing the decision, the family members came out in anger.

“The only thing I would say to him, we just need justice.” We are going to put everything back in the hands of God, ”said Susan Hunt. “He didn’t have enough common sense to tell the family he’s sorry or anything. He didn’t have enough common sense to do that.

Police say Marshall was in his 99 mph Dodge Charger when he collided with a Pontiac Bonneville entering traffic near the corner of Walnut Grove and Timber Creek Drive on June 25.

Police said five seconds before the crash Marshall was driving 114 mph. The speed limit on Walnut Grove is 45 mph. An accident report from the MPD indicates that Marshall was “racing” and engaging in “aggressive driving / road rage”.

Court records show the impact was so severe that the Bonneville was split in two and the two individuals inside – Travis Parham, 19, and Wallace Morris, 42 – were ejected. The front half of the vehicle got stuck under Marshall’s car and he dragged it 214 meters.

Marshall was transported to Regional One Hospital in non-critical condition. The two victims were declared dead on the spot.

Marshall was relieved of his duties pending the outcome of the investigation.

His lawyer, Blake Ballin, said Marshall was “incredibly upset for the victims here. There will be an appropriate time when he can address the families of the victims.

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