Mexico’s Seashell House is in scenic Isla Mujeres

The Seashell House is one of the quirkiest and most exciting for anyone visiting the Cancun area of ​​Mexico.

Seashell house in Isla mujeres, Cancun, Yucatan

One of the best ways to have a great vacation is to book quirky and unique accommodation. The world is full of stunning accommodation options that no one would ever forget. For instance, in Idaho, you can live in a potato (now that’s different!). One of the most rewarding things you can do to enhance your trip is to seek out quirky and interesting accommodations. Some accommodations may even be the highlight of his trip.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico also has an eye-catching accommodation called the Couch Shell House – one look and you’ll be hosting your group party there in no time. Fortunately, the house is also affordable for most people vacationing in Mexico. Another unique accommodation that can be discovered in Mexico City is the nest of Quetzalcoatl – it’s an Airbnb built in the shape of a serpent from Aztec mythology.


Couch Shell House – The Artist House with Caribbean Infusion

Shell House Sofa has a beautiful sea-washed white and is nestled on a beautiful Mexican Caribbean island just off the Yucatán Peninsula. It is ideal for relaxing and partying with a great outdoor pool and everything anyone would need.

  • Designer/Owner: Octavio Ocampo

The Conch Shell House was built with attention to detail. One will feel how it was built to merge it with the Caribbean. Shell House was designed and built by an artist who still lives nearby (he and his wife are on hand for guests to enjoy their stay). The artist/owner is Octavio Ocampo, who is one of Mexico’s most famous artists. The house is even decorated with paintings of mermaids by Octavio Ocampo.

The Shell House offers a relaxing environment for an unforgettable summer vacation. It is located on Isla Mujeres (Spanish for “island of women”), 8 miles from the mainland coast. The island has around 12,600 inhabitants and is renowned for its relaxing atmosphere.

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Couch Shell House Facilities and What to Exception

Couch Shell House comes with two bedrooms and air conditioning, and it has the sound and smell of the sea. The waters of the Caribbean are just steps away. The main part of the house consists of a living room and a kitchenette on the ground floor. The master bedroom is located on the second floor. The headboard in the master bedroom is even stylized as a massive scallop shell.

Next to it there is also a second bedroom with a king-size bed and an en-suite bathroom.


  • Beds: 2 king beds
  • Kitchen: Kitchenette
  • Swimming pool: Private Pool

The house has a unique character. The interior living space has no corners – instead it is completely round. The bathroom sinks are in conch, while the taps are in coral. Even the towel racks were made from shells.

  • Location: Isla Mujeres near the Yucatán Peninsula
  • Built: 2001

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Booking La Conch Shell House

The Conch Shell House is listed on Airbnb and can be rented out for private events and parties – alternatively it can be a superb romantic getaway. It is a gated property where privacy can be enjoyed. It is spacious and can accommodate two families or two couples.

To get to the island, you have to go to Cancun International Airport, then take a 25-minute taxi to the docks, then a 20-minute ferry to the island. Once there, a concierge is available next door to help you settle in.

  • Maid service: Twice a week (no housekeeping for a two-day stay)
  • Price: $293.00 per night
  • Evaluation: 4.73 / 5.00 On Airbnb

Note that there are geckos in the house and they are only part of the furniture inside and outside the house. If guests are afraid of geckos, they are advised not to book the property (geckos are also harmless).

To reserve the property, consult its file on Airbnb and plan your next trip.

Guests rate the property highly, with 4.73/5.00 stars from 363 reviews on Airbnb. Ask at check-in, and they can even reserve a golf cart for rent so they can ride around the island (you really need a golf cart to get around the island).

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