Miami Dolphins end Jaguars’ 20-game steak lost at London Games

The Miami Dolphins entered the 2021 London Games on Sunday with a desperate need for a win to turn the season around. A loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars – a team that has lost 20 straight games – would be like pouring gasoline on the dumpster fire of a season of the Dolphins that had already seated them at 1-4.

Well, folks, consider the Miami Dolphins a Burger King menu item because their season is officially flame-grilled. Donezo. Damn.

In a believable turn of events, the Dolphins have found a way to become the first team the Jaguars have defeated in more than a calendar year. Twenty consecutive defeats. A terrible losing streak that ended when she encountered something even more terrible: the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins are a terrible football team. This is the reality when you are a 1-5 team that just lost to a team that hadn’t won since September 13, 2020.

The only questions left about this season now are who is fired and who is going through to the end. Most notably, Dolphins general manager Chris Grier, who has done an all-time job building the team during his tenure, even spotted an unprecedented amount of draft picks and space to do so.

The Dolphins have another chance to disappoint next week against the Atlanta Falcons almost as bad as them.

Worst of all? Almost 30 years later, dolphins are makes Darius Rucker cry again.

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