Mogul Productions partners with CryptoCart to allow users to purchase gift cards with $STARS tokens

The partnership highlights the growing utility of Mogul’s native payment and governance token.

TORONTO, ON/ACCESSWIRE/August 8, 2022/ Decentralized movie funding platform Mogul Productions, which operates at the intersection of blockchain technology and moviemaking, has partnered with CryptoCart to give community members more incentive to use $tokens. STARS native to their platform.

Through this partnership, token holders can spend $STARS on gift cards from dozens of major retailersincluding Walmart, Best Buy, Airbnb, Home Depot and others.

The premise of Mogul Productions is to empower the crowd. Mogul has a long history of rewarding community members for their engagement with their DeFi and NFT platform. $STARS tokens give hardcore moviegoers a say and stake in how movies are funded. Fans can engage with filmmakers and exciting new projects in deeper and more meaningful ways.

$STARS holders are moviegoers who have a collaborative voice. They vote on the screenplays they want to help fund and turn into movies. Not only are they part of the on-screen storyline process from a voting perspective, but they are rewarded with a share of the profits through rewards. The crypto token is also used to buy NFTs attached to movies that Mogul offers to the community. NFT movie memorabilia can include movie posters, producer credits, leading or speaking roles, and invitations to exclusive industry events.

$STARS can be purchased directly from the Mogul platform and other compatible crypto exchanges.

The Mogul community has always been focused on transforming the film financing process. The new partnership with CryptoCart provides greater incentives for users.

About Mogul Productions

Mogul Productions is revolutionizing movie financing, enabling a global audience of fans to participate in financing movies and other forms of entertainment through NFT sales. Mogul’s NFT Marketplace serves as a bridge between the NFT arena and the entertainment finance world. It’s a platform for moviegoers, by moviegoers, allowing users to take an active role in the screenplay process. Access Pass holders get even more perks and insider perks, including access to exclusive events hosted around Mogul-produced film releases.

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