Mohamed Salah complicates FSG and Liverpool’s task as Sadio Mane’s point is forgotten

Liverpool claimed a vital victory over Leeds United this weekend. Who were your main artists?

Fabinho was the man of the match for me. His positioning was impeccable, allowing him to slice up passes from Leeds or sweep in his own box.

The goal was a bit sloppy, but I think he showed some coolness with the touch and the finish after his first shot was blocked.

Andy Robertson was also very good. He was hardly wrong defensively and Raphinha was largely silent.

The last player I will mention is Thiago. It wasn’t until I watched the game that I realized it was pretty much everywhere. He really showed his class.

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Mohamed Salah has taken another step forward by scoring 100 Premier League goals. Was this another timely reminder of the importance of settling a new contract?

Liverpool will have no illusions about the importance of tying up Mohamed Salah.

On top of everything else, he’s a phenomenal athlete and should be able to maintain a 25-goal production per season for another four years.

It’s fair to say that his negotiating position is improving all the time.

Harvey Elliott’s injury was the only blemish of the day – albeit an important one. Football can be so cruel …

Absoutely. The scenes surrounding the injury were quite unsettling, to be honest.

We are waiting to see what the timetable will be, but I find some comfort in the support network he has put in place. There are players out there who have suffered some of the most serious injuries and who will have felt that helplessness, that anxiety.

They will help Elliott through the most difficult stages of his rehabilitation.

Still, you can’t help but wonder how much this will affect his development and how much he will be missed at Liverpool.

Let’s not forget that Jurgen Klopp selected him on Saturday in front of his captain. We are losing more than depth.

The Champions League is back in the middle of the week and AC Milan are coming to town. How excited are you for this?

Extremely excited. It’s the best opening game we could have had from our group – a mouth-watering home game against another European giant, but a game we should be able to win.

This will be our first true European night in 18 months, and another ticked box on the fan feedback checklist.

What should be the goal this season in the Champions League? Can Liverpool win it and would you rather win that or the Premier League?

The target must absolutely be winning.

Yes, I would probably make us the fourth favorite behind Man City, Chelsea and PSG, but if we find ourselves facing either of those teams later in the competition it will be extremely close for both stages.

The essential news from Liverpool FC

We only lost one European knockout game with fans under Klopp, and there was a mitigating factor (coming from the Iberian Peninsula).

I think I would rather win the Premier League. For obvious reasons, the Madrid celebrations outweighed the title celebrations, but it would seem like a bigger feat to beat City, Chelsea and United in 38 games.

And, if we’re being honest, we still haven’t had the league winning experience we all dreamed of.

Any other business?

I’m not sure anyone realized it, but it’s possible Sadio Mane will play for his future at Liverpool this season. It is telling that all the talk is about Salah’s new deal when Mane’s contract expires that same year.

If last season turns out to be more than an incident and it becomes clear that Mane is in decline, will Liverpool think it’s safe to give him a lucrative long-term extension? I am really not sure.

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