Moline’s Exotic Thai closes, a new Thai barbecue restaurant is coming soon

A popular Quad Cities restaurant has closed. On Tuesday, August 31, 2021, the Exotic Thai store in Moline closed its doors. They encourage customers to visit their other exotic Thai location in Davenport and other sister restaurants in the Quad Cities.

In an article posted on social media on Monday, The owners of Exotic Thia in Moline have announced that they will be closing the restaurant on Tuesday, August 31. They said they would be closed for a few months to give their staff a break and prepare for their next chapter of bringing Thai food to Moline.

The owners then thanked their customers for the relationships established over the years. The owners ask guests to visit the Exotic Thai Davenport location, LemonGrass Café, and Miss Phay Café in the meantime.

Moline’s exotic Thai owners continued their social media post saying:

“We tried very hard to keep the Exotic Thai Moline location open, but the challenges of today’s restaurant business environment were too difficult, at that time, to make it feasible. day after day has become less and less possible, despite the salary increases. “

The owners have also indicated that the costs of “everything on the surface” are on the rise, which means they have been forced to raise prices. They said they knew something had to change

The owners of Exotic Thai Moline are gearing up for a new take on Thai and Asian cuisine with the Tuk Tuk Thai BBQ at the same location as Exotic Thai in Moline, near John Deere Road.

They will be offering a barbecue-focused menu and style of service, in one location near John Deere Road in Moline. There has been no announcement of the opening of the Tuk Tuk Thai BBQ.

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