Mom rents Airbnb, gets angry with ‘inappropriate request’ while on vacation

A mom who went on vacation was stunned by an “inappropriate request” from the owner of the Airbnb she had rented.

Posting on Mumsnet, the woman said she spent a lot of money on the property, only to be asked to do housework.

She wrote: “Vacationing in a cottage via Airbnb [which has] cost a lot of money for a week.

“The owner lives right next to us and takes care of her horses which are in our garden twice a day.

“Left a note on the kitchen table asking us to water the 10 huge hanging baskets on the cottage walls twice a day, which involves taking the hose out of the garage to do this.”

“We use the chalet as a base for traveling around this part of the country on day trips. We leave early and return late.

“Am I being unreasonable not to water the baskets and let him know (politely) that we won’t?” “

She added that not only was the owner next door, but she visited him twice a day to see her horses, with the mother adding: for the past 18 months!

“I’m not about to start watering someone else’s plants when I’m barely doing mine at home!” “

Users online agreed she was not wrong, one said, “You are on vacation, she can water her own plants b *****.”

Others joked that she would have to charge a gardening fee to do it.

The mother added that she would let the owner know so that the plants did not die.

Not the best trip, then.

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