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Mon Laferte on tour – Photos by Paul McAlpine


BOSTON – Mon Laferte, one of today’s most popular Latin American singer-songwriters, is on tour in her personal life, promoting her soon-to-be released album 1940 Carmen. She put on a colorful and energetic show to enthusiastic fans in Boston the other night, and she hopes to give birth soon.

Discover the dates of the Mon Laferte tour here.

Mon Laferte in concert in Boston - Paul McAlpine
Mon Laferte performs in Boston – Paul McAlpine

Laferte took extra precautions of herself on many levels because, as fans know, she is going to have a baby and her pregnancy is in full bloom. But it was not an easy journey and it was during this period of self-care that Laferte wrote and created 1940 Carmen. And she sports a new style of high-end clothing, because her trendy clothes were designed by Carlos Pineda.

“(In) March I arrived in Los Angeles with the illusion of getting pregnant (we had been trying for a year with my partner), we rented an AirBnB and started treatment,” Laferte wrote on social media.

Mon Laferté in Boston - Paul McAlpine
Mon Laferte à Boston – Photo by Paul McAlpine

Laferte’s musical creativity led her through difficult times, she said.

“Hormones made me very sensitive and headaches drove me crazy, then I started to write songs and I decided to make a record to concentrate on something else and not feel so much anxiety…”

“I wrote and produced the whole album and almost everything that was recorded in AirBnB,” she said.

The AirBNB address happens to be 1940 Carmen, said Laferte, and therefore the title of his next album. The image on the cover is a photo she took in the mirror, which she calls a “selfie cover”.

Mon Laferte à Boston - Photo by Paul McAlpine
Mon Laferte à Boston – Photo by Paul McAlpine

Laferte went on to say that she “likes” the album and it was a throwback to his indie days.

“… I love this album, I love doing things like I did when I was still an independent artist, the freedom is so nice,” she wrote. “I hope you enjoy this record, I did it with all my soul.”

Forerunners Flor de Toloache wowed the crowd with soaring harmonies that added flair to a captivating melody.

The Mon Laferté disc, 1940 Carmen, gets an October 29 release. Recently, Laferte held a live premiere for the video for the track “Algo Es Mejor” and his most recent album is SEIS.

Laferte performs on the East Coast and in Texas, Las Vegas and Arizona. Go here for tour information.

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