More store closures at Central Plaza in Lawton, OK.

If you haven’t heard the unfortunate news yet, there are more stores closing at Central Plaza in Lawton, Fort Sill. It seems that more and more retailers are leaving the old mall to open elsewhere or leave town.


Unfortunately, Central Plaza is quickly becoming a ghost town. There are more empty commercial spaces than shops, or so it would seem. It’s starting to look like a post-apocalyptic Hollywood zombie movie set.

Just recently, Champs and Footlocker closed their doors permanently at Central Plaza, adding to the empty spaces and echo chamber that was once a thriving mall. Soon there will be no more shops.

With Champs, Footlocker has permanently closed its doors at Central Plaza

TSM Lawton: Creature

TSM Lawton: Creature

To rub the wound further, Old Navy is rumored to be moving to the West Side soon and opening in a new location at Lawton Marketplace next to Target and Academy. There are also rumors that Zales is closing.

The good news is that new businesses and stores are coming to Central Plaza. We’re hearing about apparel, footwear, and other retailers that may be opening in the very near future.

Keep in mind that a lot of things are unconfirmed, just rumours. However, it has been confirmed that a new restaurant called The Great Canteen will open in White Buffalo’s former location at Central Plaza, get details here.

Where to find the many Spreading PAINT murals by Justin Hackney in Lawton, Fort Sill.

If you’ve driven around town, you’ve probably seen all the murals we have at Lawton, Fort Sill. If you take the time to look, you will notice that they are everywhere. We are fortunate to have so many talented artists who regularly share their work with us by painting murals. A name you’ve probably heard is Justin Hackney and Spread PAINT. His masterful mural work can be found throughout the city. He’s done some of the best and painted everything from rock stars to celebrities and everything in between. He has a style of his own and has painted murals in color, in vivid transposed negative style and in black and white. Be on the lookout for his latest mural masterpiece, he will continue to paint them as long as people want them and there is space on the walls. Can’t wait to see his next one! Check out the gallery below of Justin Hackney’s Spreading PAINT murals and where to find them. We will continue to add to the gallery as he paints them.

Lawton’s Top-Rated Cheap Local Restaurants

Sometimes you just can’t eat another bite of restaurant chain food. There’s some comfort in the fact that you can visit any place in the country and have the same meal, but it tires the taste buds. Sometimes you just need something unique local and preferably within your budget.

Although there are higher rated restaurants in town, they come at a high price. Paying $12 for a whitewashed beer or glass of wine walks the line between eating a meal and paying extra for entertainment. Here are the top-rated cheap local restaurants in Lawton according to travel advisor.

Take a virtual tour of the 5 most luxurious and expensive Airbnb rentals in and around Lawton, Fort Sill

If you are looking for a place to stay for your next stay. Or maybe you are planning to come to Lawton, Fort Sill for vacation, military graduation, business, reunion or family reunion, you will definitely want to check out these amazing Airbnbs. You could make your accommodation part of the experience itself! Even if you’re in town for business rather than pleasure, staying at one of these homes would be a welcome break from the same old, same old. These are some of the most luxurious and expensive Airbnbs in Lawton, Fort Sill and surrounding areas. Some are in town, others in the mountains, Medicine Park and Elgin, OK.

Lawton’s Top 2022 ‘Near Me’ Searches

OK, technically Google grouped Lawton with Wichita Falls, TX, but seeing the trending topics on this list, it’s all relative. Unlike OKC and Tulsa, searches in L-Town were quite varied and topical compared to what you would actually expect in a trending search listing. Here are the things we were most looking for in southwest Texoma.

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