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The popular bar and grill has Airbnb themes for every night


Customers order food and drink at the Lumberyard, September 16

While Lumberyard is well known for their wide range of music, from country to EDM, music isn’t the only thing they offer.

Lumber yard owner DJ Goldfinger said there are events throughout the week that are anything but boring, plus food trucks, a commissary kitchen, a bar and more.

“This is a multi-event space,” Goldfinger said. “It can turn into a nightclub, but then you have a wedding space, there are groups, and you can also rent out the Airbnb hotel.”

The Airbnb allows groups to perform if they need accommodation, but can also be rented. The hotel offers two bedrooms and a kitchen.

Goldfinger said the wide range of events are held in a place called the barn, and he’s hosted everything from weddings to robot fights. Next to the barn, there are also various locations on the property, including food trucks and two playgrounds.

Senior bartender Chelsea Lopez said at one point that there was a swing dancing event, as well as a Luau event. Things like wedding receptions and high school reunions upstairs are not uncommon.

“Usually we get phone calls every day, if not every other day to schedule events for the future,” Lopez said. “The other day I got a phone call for a high school graduation party.”

While there’s a wide range of events at the bar, several can happen at the same time, including events that combine country music and EDM, Goldfinger said.

“We just want people to have the idea that there’s a lot of space here, so we’re allowed to do a lot of different things at the same time,” he said.

Throughout the week there are recurring events, with themes for each night. The bar hosts Timber Tuesday club karaoke and dancing, as well as Wing Wednesday with a special whiskey, he said. But Thursdays tend to be the most popular, with Bingo nights repeating each week and the bar swapping between EDM and Latino nights each week.

Friday and Saturday nights are bar club nights, with Sunday wrapping up the week with mimosas, he said.

With a lineup like this, it’s easy to wonder exactly what Lumberyard’s goal is, but it’s a pretty straightforward answer, Goldfinger said. It’s a question of pleasure.

“My model came to have fun,” he said. “I just wanna do hoodrat stuff with my friends.”

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