Morning Brief: What to do about Erin O’Toole?

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Conservatives divided on O’Toole: members of the conservative party disagree on what should be done about Erin O’Toole after his election defeat. Some are already urging his replacement, while others seem inclined to give him another chance, especially if another election takes place in just two years.

Member of Parliament for Grande Prairie — Mackenzie Chris Warkentin, for example, sharply criticized the leader. Michelle Rempel Garner and Leslyn Lewis, on the other hand, warned against “haste to judgment”, while the former premier of Ontario Mike harris and other MPs urged the party to unite around their leader.

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Twitter blocks Bernier’s account: Twitter froze the account of the leader of the People’s Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier shared the contact details of journalists and told his supporters to “play dirty”. The journalists were then trolled and harassed by email, with one receiving an aggressive email that read: “I hope all propagandists like you are brutally raped before they are lynched and hanged.”

Journalists had emailed Bernier asking him to comment on the articles they were writing, which Bernier called “disgusting libel work.” According to an expert, the tweet circulated in a chat room for young white supremacists.

Postal ballots: As the counting of the votes continues in a handful of constituencies, the mail-in ballots have decided some of them. For example, Brome — Missisquoi in Quebec has changed hands since Monday’s preliminary results, which did not include mail-in ballots. When they were included, the Liberals finally beat the Bloc Québécois on Thursday.


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North Korea “open to ending war”: the influence of Kim Jong-un sister, Kim Yo-jong, says his country is ready to resume end-of-war talks with South Korea, if certain conditions are met.

Catalan separatist Carles Puigdemont arrested: Carles Puigdemont, the leader in exile of the Catalan separatist movement – who is ask for independence from Spain – was arrested in Italy. He was President of Catalonia in 2017 when he was accused of sedition and fled to Belgium, where he lives and sits as a member of the European Parliament. A judge in Sardinia will decide whether to be released or extradited to Spain.

Former cop convicted of George Floyd murder appeals: Derek Chauvin, former Minneapolis police officer convicted of the murder of George Floyd in 2020, is appealing his conviction. He was sentenced on June 25 to more than 22 years in prison.

Somewhere else: The US special envoy to Haiti has resigned “inhumane” expulsion thousands of Haitian migrants. Conspiracy theories target German election. Riot at the Capitol commission to investigate Trump’s allies. EU wants to force Apple to manufacture products with USB-C charging ports to reduce electronic waste. China warns authorities of Prepare for the worst in the Evergrande scandal. Airbnb hosts Afghan refugees.


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New research shows that taking an Uber could be worse for the climate than driving in your own car. (Of course, there is always public transport.)

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