My Favorite Airbnb: A Cowboy-Themed Little House in Iowa

On the outskirts of McGregor (population: 861), the Tack Shed sits slightly off I-18, a short drive from a side road dotted with farms – think white farmhouses, large grain elevators. grains and clusters of trees, all surrounded by expanses of pasture. It is also a short drive from Pike’s Peak State Park, somewhere we had planned to visit during our stay. But by the time we pulled the hangar itself, it was hard to remember that there was a world beyond. Two horses greeted us – a crafty Shetland pony and a chestnut mare – as well as host Josh, for whom the de facto little house is an unwavering labor of love. As he guided us through the space, he pointed to the cowboy boots hanging over the porch as a backdrop: one, an old pair of his, another for his son, and one belonging to the high school teacher from his son.

The whole shed is decorated like this: you have the impression of leaving the farm to collect material to saddle one of the horses of the property. Some of the equipment nailed to the walls is far too old to be used – Josh pointed out the iron farm tools used by his grandfather and great-grandfather – because, while he rolls and has a lot of daily gear to store, the now- The guesthouse has become more of a celebration of the cowboy lifestyle that his family has long lived through than a functioning shed.

It’s no surprise that the Tack Shed is quite rustic in terms of equipment. There’s a window fan, instead of AC, and the kitchen sink is more of a metal sink (which I guess Josh emptied when we left). In addition to the shower there is also an indoor powder room, but you have to trot across the lawn to a private side entrance to the main house to access it. If you want to cook dinner – the most convenient option, as it’s a 15 minute drive to the nearest town where most restaurants close fairly early – you have a choice of either the electric stove or the open flames. of the fireplace outside the house.

But as rustic as it is, the Tack Shed really has everything you need for a restful stay: the patio has two chairs, perfect for watching the horses at sunset or having a coffee in the morning, and the loft bed. upstairs is surprisingly comfortable. There are two windows in the loft, where you can watch and see the night sky. And while the decor is homemade, the space is nice and tidy, and meets the demands of Airbnbs’ “Enhanced Clean” pandemic era. Like any tiny home, it has exactly what you need, strategically organized to fit into tight spaces, and nothing else.

While I’m not sure when we’ll meet up in this part of Iowa, I do know that when we do, whether it’s along our route or hours apart, we’ll be staying at Josh’s place without hesitation. Although, according to the voluminous leather guestbook, we are not the only ones planning to return.

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