Nauvoo, Illinois Named Best Off-Grid Place in America

When you think about it, that makes a lot of sense. However, I never thought of Nauvoo, Illinois as an off-grid location. Maybe I should, as a national site, declare it the best off-grid places in America.

I saw this interesting new article on Only in your state. It’s titled “You can live off the grid in this Illinois city considered the best in the country”. They talk about Nauvoo.

Why is Nauvoo so off the grid?

The Only in your state The story provides much of the interesting history that most of us in Missouri and Illinois already know about early Native Americans and the story of Joseph Smith and his followers. They focused on the fact that despite the rapid increase in population in Nauvooit never became the bustle of a subway like Chicago and it remains peaceful even in the modern age of appliances and rapid transit.

My family ventured Nauvoo many times over the years (the little store with the fudge is awesome). Come to think of it, there never seems to be too much traffic there.

Coincidentally, I recently found what i called an Airbnb “off the grid” treehouse in Nauvoo which is located in the middle of nowhere. I think part of the key to The charm of Nauvoo it’s the peace the river gives it because you’re never far from the Mississippi there.

East Nauvoo the best off-grid place in America? I can’t appeal to that, but I think it’s a place where you don’t feel bogged down in my modern technology because you like to enjoy the history that’s left there.

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