Needle in Sci-Fi Music Video Timestack Leslie Odom Jr, Orlando Bloom

Leslie Odom Jr. in a costume and seated beside a car, looking worried, in a time travel story Needle in a Timestack.

Leslie Odom Jr. in Time Travel Romance Needle in a parking meter.
Picture: Lionsgate

In Needle in a parking meter, time travel is part of everyday life. It is very expensive, so not everyone can do it, but when those who can use their power to change something in the past, Everyone knows it. And everyone is fear of the consequences.

Written and directed by Oscar winner John Ridley (12 years of slavery), Needle in a parking meter is based on the new of the same name by Robert Silverberg. It stars Hamiltonby Leslie Odom Jr. and HarrietCynthia Erivo as a couple whose happiness is overshadowed by what turns out to be a legitimate fear: this ex from Erivo, played by Legolas himself, Orlando Bloom, will travel through time and ruin their marriage to win her back. io9 is excited to release an exclusive clip from the film, in which you’ll see how Ridley visualizes what happens when something changes in the past.

This wave means that someone has traveled through time and changed something, but no one knows what. That’s why the boss tells everyone to call home and make sure everything is okay. Spoiler alert – it doesn’t and this is where the movie really picks up.

Slumdog millionaire‘s Freida Pinto also joins Bloom, Odom Jr., and Erivo in the romantic mystery with a sci-fi twist, and as you’d expect from this stellar cast, the movie is actually pretty good. There’s just enough time travel lingo to appease sci-fi nerds, but it’s all wrapped up in a much more measured story and grounded in the nature of friendship, love, and marriage. Odom Jr. in particular puts on a dynamic and dramatic performance as a leader who finds himself struggling against time to be able to keep the woman he loves.

Needle in a parking meter releases in select theaters, digitally and on demand on October 15. It will then be released on Blu-ray and DVD on October 19. Definitely worth checking out.

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