Neil Patrick Harris surprises Edinburgh escape room with unexpected celebrity visit

A surprise celebrity visit in the form of US TV star Neil Patrick Harris happened last week at an escape room based in Edinburgh city centre.

The How I Met Your Mother star took part in an escape room at Locked In Edinburgh, the capital’s only escape room company that bases challenges in real rooms, not specially designed sets.

Writing on a local community Facebook page, the company said: “Last week we in the escape rooms at Locked In Edinburgh were struck by a little star to say the least.

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“If we had to pick one famous celebrity to come play in our venues, it would be Neil Patrick Harris #howimetyourmother #doogiehowser (Netflix series coming soon – Uncoupled).

“I played super cool away setting up not just 1, but 2 games for him…

“Truly on the inside, we were totally fangirls! He was super happy to play, and so were we. Not to mention the sweet, down-to-earth guy he is.

“So glad he tastes good in escape rooms! If you ask nicely, we might even tell you which part turns him on the most!”

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Edinburgh Live spoke to the worker at Locked In Arron on Friday to ask him about his experience hosting Neil, and Arron said: “It was really exciting, he was so nice and chatty.

“He’s actually extremely knowledgeable when it comes to escape rooms, so he also gave us lots of recommendations for places to visit in the US!

“We were so happy to have him, and hope he comes back soon!”

The official Locked In Edinburgh Facebook had this to say: “After a successful mission in space, these guys have continued with pleasure in our Neil Patrick Harris distillery.

“Safe to say your quote of the week will stand as a doctor’s confidentiality between us.

“Well done guys, thanks for giving us a fun afternoon!

“Which celebrity would you choose to be locked in a room with to solve puzzles?”

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