New energy saving plans approved for Spain will also help users of community boilers

SPAIN’s new energy emergency plan will reduce the gas bills of 1.6 million households who live in condominiums with a common communal boiler.

The news came on Tuesday as the Council of Ministers approved a 73-point plan to reduce energy consumption.

The current rules mean residents of condominiums are not eligible for the regulated TUR gas tariff which is cheaper than ‘open market’ tariffs.

Ecological Transition Minister Teresa Ribera said the government had approved a price cut, but could not specify how it would deliver the discounts.

“We have to decide whether to create a new tariff or extend the voucher that can cover condominiums,” Ribera said.

“It is time to find a solution for collective boilers, which consume more than 50,000 kilowatt hours per year and are therefore outside the regulated tariff,” she added.

The government will seek to reduce national natural gas consumption by up to 13.5% between August and March under the new energy contingency plan which includes 73 measures.

Ribera said overall reductions are currently 4.6%. but wanted a minimum target of 6.4% – far lower than other EU countries due to Spain’s ability to generate electricity on its own through wind, solar and renewables .

She said Spain currently provides about 35% of Portugal’s power supply and about 5% of France.

The plan will encourage self-generated energy and provide subsidies and tax breaks on renewable energy as well as subsidized loans for small businesses investing in energy efficiency.

Part of the plan calls for a review of all outdoor lighting, but sets no limits on Christmas lights installed by individual municipalities.


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