New Mexico and Airbnb Launch New Campaign to Support Cross-State Travel

Discover a new part of the Land of Enchantment – this is the message of a new campaign announced by Airbnb and the New Mexico Department of Tourism to support local travel within the state. As communities reopen and strive to recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the campaign encourages residents of the state to explore New Mexico’s six diverse regions – northwest, central north, northeast, center, southwest and southeast – and to support small businesses and communities that depend on tourism.

Whether travelers are looking to explore the state’s iconic landscapes, indulge in its signature cuisine, or learn more about New Mexico’s rich cultural heritage, the targeted campaign on social media and e- mail will be offers an organized list of stays and experiences nearby to help travelers plan their future trip to New Mexico.

“New Mexico is in a position to reopen its doors to visitors as travel begins to pick up. Creative travel planning and booking partnerships will allow us to reignite demand and inspire potential travelers to choose New Mexico for their next vacation, ” noted Tourism Secretary Jen Paul Schroer. “This partnership with Airbnb is a great opportunity to rebuild New Mexico’s reputation as a premier leisure travel destination in a way that includes all regions of our state.”

The Land of Enchantment promotional campaign builds on emerging trends in local, family and rural travel. According to Airbnb Survey data*, 56% of American travelers prefer a national or local destination compared to only 21% who wish to visit an international and more distant place. The most popular type of travel this summer is for families traveling to remote destinations. Airbnb Travel & Life 2021 Report Family found trips ** represent 31 percent of total nights booked in the United States this summer. This great escape to rural areas is a trend we are seeing in all groups and places. In 2015, rural travel accounted for less than 10% of nights booked worldwide on Airbnb, and in 2021, it now represents 28% of nights booked in the United States.

“Many communities are working to rebuild tourism and Airbnb wants to be a partner in those efforts, including here in New Mexico,” said Toral Patel, Airbnb’s policy manager for New Mexico. “The Discover the Land of Enchantment campaign will support the state’s economic recovery and help travelers learn about the places that make New Mexico unique.”

The partnership with the New Mexico Department of Tourism is part of Airbnb’s work with destination marketing organizations, governments, and nonprofits to support local economic recovery. To date, Airbnb has secured more than 100 partnerships and collaborations covering more than two dozen countries to help communities harness the economic benefits of travel for residents and small businesses.

Promote safe and responsible travel

In addition to showcasing local trips and attractions, the campaign will promote New Mexico Sure promise that encourages travelers to follow COVID security practices (CSP). Certain public health requirements may still be in place, and the New Mexico Department of Tourism reminds potential travelers to consult these guidelines if they are planning a trip to the state. More information here:

New Mexico businesses work hard to provide safe and enjoyable experiences that put the health of the community first. Travelers can search for safe certified restaurants, stores, and other tourism businesses in New Mexico that have completed industry-specific COVID safety practices training.

*Based on the results of a public opinion survey of American adults at the end of December 2020.

**“Family travel” on Airbnb is defined as any booking that includes an infant or child, so the true extent of family travel described in this article and in the Airbnb Travel & Life report may be underestimated. .

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