New Tiered Collection Connects Travelers to Historic Properties

Storied Collection, a new portfolio of 28 estates and castles in England, Scotland and Ireland, targets travelers in history, ancestry and experiential travel.

“Britain and Ireland are full of historic residences turned hotels and many have fascinating stories to tell,” said Justin Hauge, co-founder of Storied Collection, one of three co-founders, who once led the customer experience and sales teams at Airbnb.


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Tiered collection It’s about bringing people closer to history.

The other two co-founders are Michael Goldin, former chief commercial officer of and NoiseAware, a noise monitoring company designed for short-term rental properties; and Rob Paterson, who was CEO of Best Western UK until mid-2021.

Storied Collection includes properties such as the 800-year-old Ashford Castle in Ireland; Billesley Manor, believed to be where Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway; and Grantley Hall, once the residence of Lords, Knights and Members of Parliament.

Ashford Castle
Ashford Castle. (photo via Tiered Collection)

“One of the most exciting and unique things about Storied is that so many people have lineage that goes back to the owners and residents of those same properties, including my co-founder Michael,” Hauge said.

“We estimate that north of 80 million people can trace their heritage back to Storied property.

“By staying with us, many guests will follow in the footsteps of their ancestors.

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