New York City impound group of Airbnb-listed vans

Move to Waldorf Astoria, a superior hotel has moved into town.

In response to a lack of housing regulation which steadily increases rents and hotel prices across New York City, enterprising businessmen have decided to # innovate new accommodations for travelers by listing parked vans on Airbnb that went, in one case, for as little as $ 97 a night. Today, despite the wisdom of that plan, the city has impounded these vehicles and shattered the dreams of budget-conscious tourists around the world.

New York magazine reports that the most famous of these vans, a red Ford Econoline, has been advertising itself for two years as offering travelers the opportunity to “experience the #VanLife in New York” through a luxurious suite recently parked in the East Village, with views of Quaint Bubbles N Go Laundry Room.

YouTuber Uptin Saiidi filmed a tour of this boast a few weeks ago, establishing that “the average price of a hotel for a night in New York is over $ 400” before spending a night in the more affordable option. He seems pretty open-minded about the premise, but mentions that it smells awful and annoying having to venture into a list of bars and restaurants to use the bathroom. very comfortable experience, ”he says after waking up, comparing it to camping.

The New York magazine The article explains that city authorities have let these mobile Airbnbs exist for a long time when it was “illegal to park a converted van on the streets of New York for more than 24 hours.” Instead of carrying one of them, they just racked up tickets.

Something has changed recently, however, and the grandly named “Operation Room Service” has now resulted in the impoundment of seven van hotels. Apparently, each of the ad hoc Airbnbs “had New Jersey plates, three of which belonged to other vehicles, while the plates for a fourth had expired 21 years ago.”

No one knows who owns the vans yet, which leads us to speculate that it was all a user research program conducted by an experimental wing of the Hilton Hotel company.

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