New York cops confiscate $ 97-a-night Airbnb van rentals that don’t even have a toilet

The van vacation experience may be coming to an end.

Last week, New York City police got involved in the Manhattan vacation rental world and cracked down on seven vans that were allegedly used as Airbnb rentals.

On Saturday, the sheriff’s office took to its official Twitter account to note that highway patrol officers were busy “impounding seven suspected fraudulent and illegally registered vans used as Airbnb rentals.”

According to The New York Post, a van would have been presented as a “glamping” atmosphere in the city for about $ 100 a night.

The outlet also reported that one of the van ads, which were removed from the site, happily read: “Glamp in a spacious RV in New York!”

The van could have accommodated up to three people.

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Five of the pickup trucks were reportedly towed into Manhattan’s East Village. The registrations of vehicles paired with their plates and those of New Jersey have been expired for decades, some dating back to 2000.

The vans were said to have been used as Airbnb rentals for about two years.

In conversation with The post office, NYPD Sheriff Joseph Fucito spoke about the investigation released by the Sheriff’s Office, and the NYPD Document Fraud Unit discovered an “operation of alleged fraudulent and illegally registered vehicles used as Airbnb rentals on various streets of Manhattan.”

Some people on Twitter seemed to have a choice to make with Airbnb, suggesting that the company should better monitor its ads.

An Airbnb spokesperson said indy100 that “the host and the accommodations in question” are no longer available for rent on Airbnb.

“We do not condone this behavior, the host and the ads in question have been banned from the Airbnb platform,” said the spokesperson.

In June 2020, the spokesperson further noted that Airbnb had developed a “robust information sharing agreement with New York City,” which has contributed to compliance with the “Rental Data Disclosure Act. in the short term of New York City “.

It helps the city better understand how to regulate short-term rentals.

On the other hand, the videographer and journalist Uptin Saiidi recorded a video from his experience in what appears to be one of the impounded vans.

Mentioning that the cost of a typical hotel for a night can exceed $ 400 in New York City, he said he “was excited when I saw an Airbnb ad for only $ 97 per night.”

However, staying true to the tried and true sayings, “if it’s too good to be true, it sure is.”

“He’s so weird. I still don’t know if it’s even legal to sleep in a van in New York City,” Saiidi said.

He also didn’t know how he could relieve himself in the middle of the night since there was no bathroom in the van.

The Airbnb host suggested using the restroom at a nearby bar or Starbucks, although companies usually want you to buy something before using their facilities.

The host also suggested that Saiidi shower at a local swimming pool.

And if the stay couldn’t be more confusing, Saiidi got a parking ticket.

Truly a gem, indeed.

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