New York State Fair prepares to butter

One of the biggest events of the summer is about to kick off in Syracuse with the great New York State Fair scheduled for Friday, August 20.e with culinary entertainment and lots of butter.

Again the 53rd The annual Butter Sculpture returned to Syracuse for a glittering appearance at the New York State Fair.

According to a press release from the NYS fair, the Marie Pelton and Jim Victor sculptures will begin their creation with butter made from approximately two thousand gallons of milk and shipped from Batavia New York.

Now the fun part of the sculpture from ‘junk butter’ as it is called comes from damaged packaging and instead of wasting it is fashioned into something cool and displayed for visitors to the fair.

If you’re wondering what happens to this buttery 800-pound masterpiece, it’s not wasted, according to the press release, believe it or not, it’s recycled into renewable energy through a digester that breaks it down and helps create 450 kilowatts of electricity.

If you really want to take a look at this year’s sculpture, you’ll have to wait until next Thursday when it is revealed on the American Dairy NE facebook page, as it will be on display the next day and throughout the fair. which ends on Monday September 6e

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