New York’s ‘Van Life’ Airbnb rentals closed after YouTuber reviewed one

Are you a van short of living your #VanLife dream?

If so, you might want to be careful when booking someone else’s motorhome on Airbnb, after police arrested several unregistered vans that were rented on the streets of New York. , including one that appeared on YouTube.

The New York Sheriff and the NYPD towed seven illegal motorhomes into the East Village and Chelsea last week after a YouTuber revealed his not-so-glamorous glamping experience with one of the vehicles.

Three of the pickup trucks had expired New Jersey license plates, three had plates from other cars and one was not registered at all, police said. NBC New York.

This could explain why homeowners seemed to ignore all of the parking tickets they were getting in some of New York’s best neighborhoods.

YouTuber Uptin Saiidi says he paid $ 97 to spend a night in one of the East Village vans last month. It’s a steal when you compare it to the hundreds you would pay for a hotel room, but Saiidi says he got exactly what he paid for.

“Of course I was excited when I saw an Airbnb ad for just $ 97 a night. But as they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” he said. he stated in his review.

$ 97 / night RV Airbnb in NEW YORK


Saiidi says her Airbnb host told her to shower at the local pool, take bathroom breaks at a nearby Starbucks, and dive into the bar down the street for late-night pee breaks.

It’s not quite the minimalist dream that van lifers describe on Instagram, but who are we to judge?

@Uptin | Youtube

The van itself had a bed, a foul smell, and no air conditioning, Saiidi said. This meant he had to leave the window open and listen to the noises of passers-by in front of his van in the middle of the night.

He added that he felt “fishy” getting out of a van the next morning, although his sleep was surprisingly “comfortable”.

van camper interior new york airbnb
@Uptin | Youtube

“It was a once in a lifetime experience,” Saiidi said in his video review. “I’m glad I did but I will never do it again.”

Saiidi says the list had no reviews at the time, which is a pretty big red flag. The other red flag was that he couldn’t start the van himself.

new york airbnb van
@Uptin | Youtube

Police later shared photos of the same van being towed away as part of its crackdown, which they called Operation Room Service.

Airbnb says it has a “strong information sharing agreement” with New York City, and that it regularly shares rental information with city authorities.

“We don’t condone this behavior,” an Airbnb spokesperson told Narcity. “The host and the listings in question have been banned from the Airbnb platform.”

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