Newburgh sex offender charged with robbery near New Paltz Business

A high-risk sex offender from the Hudson Valley is accused of committing theft outside of a New Paltz business.

On Tuesday, the New Paltz Police Department announced an arrest in connection with a theft that took place on July 24. The investigation resulted in the arrest of Donovan Hoilett Jr., 30, of Newburgh, a level 3 sex offender.

Following a two-week investigation, probable cause has been established to charge Hoilett Jr. with first-degree robbery, police say.

On Saturday, New Paltz police spotted Hoilett Jr. in New Paltz and took him into custody. While in prison, he was reportedly found in possession of a loaded handgun.

Hoilett Jr. was also charged with three counts of criminal possession of a weapon, felonies, illegal possession of a handgun with a degraded serial number and being a convicted felon in possession of a handgun. fire, according to police.

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Level 3 sex offenders are considered to have the highest risk of reoffending and are considered to be the greatest risk to the public. Hoilett raped a 15-year-old girl in Newburgh in 2011, according to the New York State Sex Offender Database. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

Due to his previous felony convictions, he was held in Ulster County Jail without bond.

Police did not provide details of the theft, but in a July press release, New Paltz Police released the following.

At approximately 4:20 a.m. on July 24, the New Paltz Police Department received a disturbance call outside a local facility in the village. When the officer arrived, they determined that an armed robbery had just occurred.

Members learned that the victims were involved in a verbal argument with the suspects earlier in the evening. The suspects observed the victims sitting outside a business in the Main Street and Prospect Street area. One of the suspects approached the victims, showed a handgun and demanded personal effects. The suspect then returned to a waiting vehicle and fled eastbound on Main Street.

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