NHS COVID App Outage Sees Users Missing Flights After Being Unable To Access COVID Passes | UK News

The NHS app and website went down on Wednesday afternoon as users were unable to access their digital passes for the COVID vaccine, NHS Digital said.

A traveler told Sky News that she missed her flight to France following the app crash.

An NHS COVID Pass shows proof of a coronavirus vaccination as well as test results.

NHS Digital has confirmed that the service was “temporarily unavailable between 11:45 am and 3:15 pm”.

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But some panicked NHS app users with looming travel plans have been forced to pay for new flights after being unable to board without proof of vaccination.

Caroline Frost, journalist and presenter, told Sky News she had a choice of paying £ 420 for an express PCR test and a flight later tonight or £ 80 to fly tomorrow.

She was supposed to fly from Heathrow to Nice on business, but now has a new booking to leave on Thursday.

“I had all this previous documentation, but there was nothing they could do,” she said.

“There is proof that I have been through this several times, I checked all the boxes, I have no COVID, I have a double vaccination test in hand, I just do not have the ‘application.

Caroline Frost returned home after being unable to board her flight

“It was a time worthy of a job. She said I sympathize, but there is nothing I can do. She called her manager, there was nothing he could do. We were there.

“It was extremely frustrating, and it felt like such a waste of money. And of course when the app is up and running, I’ll be the same person, I’ll be in the same eligibility condition vaccinated to travel.”

A spokesperson for NHS Digital said: “The NHS COVID Pass service was temporarily unavailable between 11:45 am and 3:15 pm today due to a technical issue with a global service provider that affected many different organizations.

“Following urgent investigation this has been corrected and COVID passes are available both through the NHS app and online.”

People traveling abroad or attending events and locations in England may be asked for proof of their COVID-19 status, which is why instant access to the COVID Pass is important.

Callum, from Liverpool, who is currently on vacation in Naples, told Sky News he was unable to visit a number of museums he had pre-booked because he could not prove his vaccination status.

He said: “We found out when we arrived that we couldn’t access the app and enter the museums.

“It lasted about 12 to 5.

“We were only able to access the app once we got back to Airbnb, so there wasn’t much else we could do while we waited.”

Earlier this month, Scotland’s new vaccination passport application was also affected by technical problems, which means people cannot save their details there.

People attending major events and nightclubs in Scotland now need to show proof using the app that they were given two doses of the vaccine before being allowed in, but just hours after the app launched, social media users said they couldn’t register.

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PM refuses to exclude vaccine passports

Last month Boris Johnson said the government wanted avoid the introduction of COVID vaccine passports in England “if we can”, but added that they would be an option to be kept “in reserve”.

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