Niagara Falls Again Tries To Limit Short-Term Rentals Like Downtown Airbnbs | Local News

Council is now considering removing that provision, with a public hearing scheduled for Wednesday on the repeal of the rule requiring a unanimous Council vote if Planning Council says “no” to anything. The change would make a 4-1 vote pretty good.

Schultz-Reitz said his group’s main objection to the law was limiting the location of short-term rental units, which are now scattered throughout the city.

“Our question is, who does this benefit?” asked Schultz-Reitz. “It doesn’t really benefit the residents of the city center, because it will force gentrification. It doesn’t help the tourist, because the city center is scary. The city has done nothing to improve this neighborhood. it really does. It will not benefit Niagara Falls homeowners as a whole who wish to capitalize on their property by being able to open short term rentals anywhere in town. “

“We are trying to create a critical mass downtown,” said Council Chairman Kenneth M. Tompkins. “It can lead to a revitalization in this area.”

Niagara Falls City Councilor Kenneth M. Tompkins.

The map was drawn to take into account the area that already has the most short-term rental sites, he said.

Tompkins said 238 short-term rental licenses have been approved by the city, but he doesn’t know how many actually work. And it is generally accepted that there are many more rentals operating without a license from the city.

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