Nicola Sturgeon promises second independence referendum as reelected in Glasgow Southside

Nicola Sturgeon was re-elected MSP for Glasgow Southside after comfortably facing a direct challenge from Anas Sarwar, the Scottish Labor leader.

In an unsurprising result, Ms Sturgeon won 60.2% of the vote in the constituency, against 31.3% for the Scottish Labor and 5.5% for the Tories.

Meanwhile, Mr Sarwar was able to register a credible nine-point increase in his party’s vote share, which is likely the result of a Tory voter change and increased turnout.

In her victory speech, the Prime Minister said her party “appears on track for a fourth consecutive electoral victory and on track to have the privilege of forming a government again”.

“If this is the result of this election, I pledge to get back to work immediately to continue to guide this country through the Covid crisis, to lead this country to recover from the Covid”, she said. added.

Second referendum “when the time is right”

However, she promised that “when the time comes”, she wants to “give this country the choice of a better future” with a second referendum on independence.

Thanking the Glasgow Southside electorate, Ms Sturgeon paid a special tribute to Mr Sarwar, saying they “liked each other pretty well” and added that it was “difficult to campaign against someone you love “.

She also targeted “far-right thug” Jayda Fransen, who received just 46 votes after running for the seat. Ms Fransen, who was convicted of aggravated racist harassment, confronted the SNP leader during a canvassing in the constituency on Thursday evening.

“The constituency has been targeted by far-right thugs. The far-right thug who led this confrontation won 46 votes and I am proud that once again Glasgow Southside has shown racists and fascists that they are not welcome in Glasgow Southside, that they are not welcome in Glasgow and they are not welcome anywhere in Scotland, ”she said, adding:“ And let it be a note of unity. “

And although Mr Sarwar did not win the constituency contest, he is almost certain to be sent back to Holyrood as MSP as he is at the top of his party’s regional list for Glasgow, the results of which will be announced. Saturday.

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