Nine Perfect Strangers filmed in amazing retreat featuring yoga dome and infinity pool

Nine Perfect Strangers filming locations included an actual retreat where you can book stays to follow in the cast’s footsteps, including Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy

Nicole Kidman stars in new series Nine Perfect Strangers

Nine Perfect Strangers got us hooked with their gripping drama and star-studded cast including Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, and Luke Evans.

The gripping miniseries follows the story of nine strangers who head to the luxurious Tranquillum House wellness retreat run by a woman named Masha (played by Nicole Kidman), purely for secrets and lies to unearth plenty of dramas throughout their stay.

The TV show, available on Amazon Prime Video, is based on the novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty.

If you’ve been watching and getting craving for the ridiculously pretty surroundings, then you’re in luck – not only is the retreat a real place, but you can book stays for the holidays (without all the drama of course) .

This is because Nine Perfect Strangers was actually filmed on location at the Soma Retreat in Byron Bay, Australia, which was also called Tranquillum House.

It’s not hard to see why the beautiful retirement caught the attention of the production team.

For starters, the property is nestled amid lush greenery, and thanks to its floor-to-ceiling windows, you shouldn’t miss those sprawling views, whether you’re dining at the communal table, relaxing in your room, or relaxing in the infinity pool.

Soma offers 10 bedrooms with king-size beds and en-suite bathrooms, plus a yoga dome hidden in the nearby bamboo forest, three treatment rooms, and a huge foyer for sunset gatherings. Oh, and for the more adventurous, there’s a magnesium ice bath too (we’d probably be tempted by the on-site sauna instead).

Fancy a stroll? You will have 22 acres of land to enjoy with dedicated rainforest hiking trails.

Soma was used as the location for Tranquilium House


Romelle Pereira)

It’s no surprise, then, to find that the property hosts a number of health and wellness retreats, including meditation, coaching, and yoga. They even have a online course called RISE led by mindfulness and health coach Gary Gorrow who is designed “as an antidote to the increased stress and anxiety that prevails in many of our lives today”.

If you are planning a vacation, you can choose to book into one of the retreats or rent out the entire property with your family and friends.

You are going to want a large group if you are planning a trip. Soma can be booked on Airbnb but when we took a look, a four night stay in April 2022 resulted in a hefty price tag of £ 18,244.

It is a real place where you can book stays for wellness retreats


Romelle Pereira)

It wasn’t the only location used for the filming of the miniseries.

The coastal town of Byron Bay also provided some of the backdrops, as well as the nearby Blood Moon wood plantation. Meanwhile, it was the breathtaking Killen Falls that served as the backdrop for outdoor scenes, including river scenes, while some of the character’s flashbacks were filmed in Sydney as well as the city. by Ballina.

The whole retreat looks absolutely dreamy


Romelle Pereira)

Unfortunately, a trip to Australia is not yet planned for the British.

Currently, the country keeps its borders closed to international visitors, including the British, and the borders are unlikely to reopen until 2022. Australia is currently on the UK’s green list, which means if it does open for the holidays, travelers returning to the UK wouldn’t need to quarantine or self-isolate. You should check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs latest Australia travel tips for more information.

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