Norfolk ‘slums’: Locals fury as warning issued against pop-up holiday parks | Travel News | Travel

Norfolk is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination and is already a favorite of the royal family. However, one adviser said too much tourism could cause “deprivation”.

West Norfolk Council member Michael de Whalley voiced his concerns about tourism at a recent council meeting.

He said: ‘We have had concerns about the holiday park developments, which have not proven popular with residents.

“There are fears that they only provide poorly paid jobs.

“There is concern that in a downturn they will effectively become slums or areas of deprivation.”

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However, other councilors said Norfolk was “blessed” to be a popular tourist destination.

According to a union adviser, just under 20% of jobs in the region are related to tourism.

Holiday parks often offer a budget holiday experience and are popular with British families.

Despite the positives, De Whalley cited Jaywick Sands in Essex as an example of an area that has suffered from tourism.


Cornwall has proposed a register of second homes in an attempt to control the housing crisis in the area.

Other popular areas such as the Peak District have complained about high season parking pressure.

Wales are currently discussing introducing a visitor’s tax to help pay for essential infrastructure.

While some residents believe tourists should help pay for the essential services they use, others believe a tax would discourage visitors.

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