North West Square | Overhaul planned for the St Annes department store

The facade of Garden Street will be fitted with new glazing. Credit: Reel via planning documents

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The former home of retailer JR Taylor could be transformed into a boutique hotel, spa, restaurant and bar in a project now hosted by Fylde’s council.

Local developer Corbenyah Properties, advised by architect WBD, is looking to convert the 20,000 square foot store and 3,000 square foot offices into a project that could see a rooftop bar added to the site.

The building stands on the corner of St Annes Square and Garden Street in the center of the seaside town of Lancashire. JR Taylor closed in January 2015.

At the heart of the redevelopment project is the glazing work, including the addition of a glass coating to the corner window and glazed balconies, as well as the replacement of the glazing on the ground floor. Canopy modifications and wood treatments are also included.

WBD said it seeks to retain the dominant features of a building in an area characterized by late Victorian and Edwardian façades.

Outlining the site’s goals in its design and access statement, WBD said the spa will be in the basement, while the ground floor will be occupied by a restaurant.

The first floor will house medical uses and massage rooms, the second floor being the location of four large self-service hotel / Airbnb suites, which will be offered to customers of other uses of the building.

The top floor will house a rooftop bar, offering guests 360-degree views from a fully glazed space.

Corbenyah Properties is also advised by Smith & Love Planning Consultants, who is responsible for the declaration of assets. The application was validated by Fylde at the end of July.

The building was negotiated in 2019. Duxburys Commercial had marketed the building at a guide price of £ 1million.

Stores large and small alike prepare to be converted and redeveloped as the retail landscape continues to make the format less and less viable.

In Manchester, Debenhams and Kendals, in an office-led project, are undergoing overhaul, while Glenbrook has taken over the old M&S store in Stockport as part of the redesign of its entire location from retail by this city.

St Annes rooftop bar

Corbenyah’s plans include a rooftop bar. Credit: Reel via planning documents

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