Norwich Named ‘Trendy City’ for Airbnb Stays

With the holidays fast approaching, people are looking for places to visit for a weekend.

And it looks like Norwich is one of the top destinations in the country.

%image(14495701, type=”article-full”, alt=”A glimpse of one of Airbnb’s Norwich properties, “The Artist’s Studio” at Pottergate”)

The beautiful city has been named “the trendiest city” by vacation rental company Airbnb for people looking for a place to stay over the August bank holiday weekend.

Amanda Cupples, Managing Director for Northern Europe at Airbnb, said: “City breaks are proving popular this bank holiday as Britons seek to soak up cultural and shopping hubs for family, friends and friends. solo trips.

“We are seeing trendy towns emerging in lesser-known corners of the UK beyond typical tourist hotspots, with the staycation trend well and truly here to stay.”

%image(14495702, type=”article-full”, alt=”Outside one of Airbnb’s Norwich properties, ‘the artist’s studio’ at Pottergate”)

Other cities that made the list include Cardiff, Bristol, Leeds and Portsmouth.

One of the city’s most popular Airbnb spots is in Pottergate.

The artist’s studio is an ideal “quirky” property for those who “want something different”.

There is room for two adults and two children and it is located a “stone’s throw” from the Lanes.

UK hosts on Airbnb earned over £1.5bn in 2021, with the typical host earning just over £6,000.

While the rental company offers accommodation for holidaymakers, there are fears that the influx of short-term rentals could complicate the purchase of housing for the inhabitants of the region.

%image(14495703, type=”article-full”, alt=”Norwich has been named one of the ‘hottest cities’ for weekend getaways this August bank holiday”)

More than 40,000 homes could be built in the city and its surroundings in the coming years.

The properties are intended to alleviate the housing crisis facing young people, creating more opportunities for them to buy their first property.

There are fears that these properties will be scooped up as investments or managed as short-term rentals.

David Hinton, sales manager at Brown and Co in Norwich, said: “It’s harder now than ever for first-time buyers. There definitely needs to be more measures in place.

“Those looking for an Airbnb opportunity will be looking for something less expensive – a one-bed apartment or a two-bed terrace – that yields a fairly good return.

“They are going to impact those who are looking for a property from a primary residence perspective, because they will pay a bit more to get it.”

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