Not Coming To Solve A True Crime Near You Anytime Soon…It’s The Woke Police

MUM-of-five Caroline Farrow was preparing a roast dinner for her family when the brass arrived, pounding on her door.

They demanded that she hand over all of her electrical devices – phone, tablet, etc. – then Surrey Police dragged her to the nick.


Serious crime is very low on the list of things the police care about
Caroline Farrow, mother of five, shared how she felt


Caroline Farrow, mum-of-five, has told how she felt ‘dehumanised’ by the police investigation

Her children – and her husband, a priest – were sick with fear.

She spent eight hours at the police station, six of them alone in a cell. The cops interrogated her several times.

What was his alleged crime? That she might have said something a little mean about a transgender guy, anonymously, on a website.

They didn’t have a shred of evidence to suggest she had. Only the saying of his accuser.

Footballer arrested after 'breaking six of referee's bones and dislocating shoulder'
If these perverts had not been made public, would ALL the victims have obtained justice?

He thought maybe she was the one who said something a little mean. No evidence to support this, either.

Caroline insists that she had certainly not written anything anonymously on the site.

She was eventually released and told she was “under investigation”.

Caroline, a middle-aged Roman Catholic who was serially harassed by trans activists for her views, told me how the whole experience left her “dehumanized.”

She said: “I felt like I was being treated like an ordinary criminal – and I hadn’t done anything.”

Well, I disagree.

What you have done is refuse to admit that a man who transforms into a woman IS a woman.

Accordingly, the old bill is on your case.

They are on the side of trans activists who harass you.

You’re not allowed to say things like that, even if it’s obviously true.

The government has just announced that in future every burglary will be investigated by the police.

It’s amazing that they have to make that promise.

But the policy has changed in recent years. Burglaries — and car crimes and street crimes and muggings — come way down the list of things they care about.

Distorted priorities

They are much more interested in arresting middle-aged women for non-existent hate crimes.

They enjoy nothing more than scouring the internet for someone who might have said something a little mean.

That’s because it’s much easier to arrest Caroline Farrow than to apprehend a crook who just assaulted someone on the street.

Caroline Farrow is not going to stab anyone and she is not going to zoom on a moped either.

Plus, the non-existent hate crimes watch gets the brass brownie points with the left.

It’s another thing to add to their recent repertoire, which has involved getting down on one knee, painting their patrol cars rainbow colors and standing and watching while statues are thrown into a river.

Welcome to the woke police – don’t come to investigate a real crime near you anytime soon.

Less than four percent of robbery victims have their attacker charged. The figure for burglaries is seven percent.

The police have turned away from fighting true crime and spend too much time both pointing out virtue and persecuting people who have simply spoken out.

If a Conservative government can’t sort out its warped priorities, then a Labor government certainly won’t.

So be careful what websites you visit, because Big Brother is watching you – and one of these days it’s going to knock on YOUR door.

How ‘caring’

MORE news from the benevolent and benevolent left.

Nurse Miranda Hughes appeared on Channel 5’s Britain On The Brink Debate.

She told host Jeremy Vine that Tory voters don’t deserve to be resurrected.

That’s 14 million people to whom it would refuse life-saving treatment.

This moron witch now says she was fired for her comments. Good.

Could you trust him to put aside his silly worldview when treating a patient?

Trust gone, Truss

How many conservatives at the party conference must have thought that Suella Braverman should be party leader?


How many conservatives at the party conference must have thought that Suella Braverman should be party leader?
If Kemi Badenoch had gotten the nod, maybe the party would be ahead in the polls right now


If Kemi Badenoch had gotten the nod, maybe the party would be ahead in the polls right now

I WONDER how many Tories at their disastrous conference looked at Home Secretary Suella Braverman and thought, ‘Why didn’t we choose her as party leader?’

They made the wrong decision, as is now glaringly clear.

Prime Minister Liz Truss gave a reasonable speech – but I fear the damage has been done.

If you’re forced to make a massive U-turn on your very first new policy, you’re a dead duck.

Now, Truss has little authority.

Whenever a Tory backbench MP doesn’t like a policy, they can rally support knowing the lady IS for spinning.

The Conservatives have sunk themselves into a very deep chasm because of their mismanaged leadership race.

I suspect that if current International Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch – or Suella Braverman – had been given the green light, the party would be ahead in the polls right now.

Everything is rented

The government has launched a war against private landlords.

It was more difficult for them to evict tenants, raise rents and decide who to rent their house to.

I predicted at the time that this would lead to landlords exiting the rental business and either selling their properties or moving to AirBnB.

This is EXACTLY what happened.

Our housing crisis has therefore worsened considerably.

All because the conservatives wanted to capture some brownie points from the left by attacking people who own more than one home.

Never forget, you curators, it’s the RESULTS that count.
No virtue signage.

Great Liddle Central Heating War

It is now the second week of the Great Liddle Central Heating War.

She got into the habit of watching TV curled up in lots of blankets and a hot water bottle.

With the dog on top as an extra layer of insulation.

But I mustn’t give in – if we can make it to Halloween it will save us £1,000.

The battle must continue.

Double life is a no-no

Harry seems to understand that you can't be royal and celebrity at the same time


Harry seems to understand that you can’t be royal and celebrity at the same timeCredit: AFP

Oh dear. Horrible duo Harry and Meghan look like they’re having trouble with Netflix.

Both men fear that some of the things they said in their documentary could annoy the royal family, and in particular King Chaz.

No kidding.

They were happy to take the money and didn’t care who they hurt in the process.

Netflix is ​​well within its rights to tell them to get drunk. Harry must realize that you can be either a member of the royal family or a celebrity. You can’t be both.

He won’t be able to get that message across to his horrible missus.

But at least if HE understands it, it’s a start.

A better conference

BORED of political party conferences? i don’t blame you

But there is a much better one to come on Saturday. I will be in Manchester for the Social Democratic Party Conference.

In particular because the last speech of the day is not that of a stupid deputy with all the charisma of a dead pimp.

It’s from the greatest living Englishman, John Cleese.

And the SDP shows that there is an alternative to the three major parties.

Not least because we have a chef, William Clouston, who can tell you, accurately and without confusion, what a woman is.

Please shut it up, Becky

Rebekah Vardy CANNOT keep her big trap shut for more than a few seconds?

You’d think her footballer husband Jamie could have a quiet word:

“Listen, darling, you’ve already cost me over two million pounds with your talkative mentalism.

“Can’t you button it up for a while?” »

She is now asking fellow Wag Coleen Rooney to donate some of those costs to charity.

Why should she?

Vardy is pretty much the only woman on Earth who makes Coleen look like a paragon of dignity and intelligence.

Kanye’s fashion statement a topic of debate

Kanye West makes a simple point at Paris Fashion Week


Kanye West makes a simple point at Paris Fashion Week

KANYE WEST launched into a controversy after wearing a shirt that read “White Lives Matter”.

I don’t know if you remember, but a guy who held up a banner reading ‘White Lives Matter Burnley’ at a football match was in 2020 banned for life from watching his club.

It’s quite shocking. Kanye West made a simple, eloquent point.

The truth is, black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter and none more than anyone else’s.

The fact that this should be a controversial statement tells you everything you need to know about our society right now.

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