Nová Scéna is getting a makeover. Reconstruction will take two years

This modern theater building from the 1980s is still one of the most talked about buildings in Prague. Its characteristic shape, designed by Stanislav Libenský and constructed from over four thousand blocks of blown glass, radically changed the neo-Renaissance look of the street.

The main reasons for the reconstruction are outdated technology and poor acoustics. According to the direction of the New Stage (Nová Scéna), the focus will be on the realization of the author’s original idea, namely to create a multifunctional theater stage allowing for easy reconstruction and change of the stage and of the auditorium.

“A 21st century theater stage will be created with a new layout of the hall space designed for various types of performances with a capacity of up to 500 seats using the technologies and acoustics of modern and contemporary theater. . This will offer the public new cultural and artistic experiences, ”the National Theater said in a statement.

Interior reconstruction

The exterior appearance of the building designed by architect Karel Prager will not change. However, due to the energy inefficient glazing of the fireplace facade, its replacement is proposed.

The architects want to be sensitive to the preservation of the theater’s interiors, especially the foyer of the new stage, which features green Cuban serpentinite, a circular staircase with a chandelier, and wooden coffered ceilings.

These spaces will be returned to their original state during the restoration process.

An entirely new room

In addition to the new stage, the adjacent building B will also be reconstructed. A multifunctional public space with a café connected by a movable glass wall with a piazzetta will be built on the ground floor.

A brand new 120-seat hall and a new ballet rehearsal hall will also appear after the reconstruction. In addition, a multifunctional studio for educational activities related to art will be created on the top floor.

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