NSW government revokes regional travel from 80% new freedoms

After a huge effort by NSW to get vaccinated, the state is set to hit the 80% double-dose target over the weekend – but it looks like regional travel still won’t be on the cards.

NSW’s rapid vaccination rate has resulted in the establishment of 80% freedoms likely on Monday, October 18 – a whole week ahead of schedule. However, 9 News reported that the NSW government is cutting next week’s regional freedoms travel for residents of Greater Sydney.

9 Journalist Chris O’Keefe reported that regional trips to New South Wales will be delayed by at least a week, if not longer.

The news comes amid growing concerns that regional NSW is at higher risk for the spread of COVID due to lower vaccination rates in areas outside of the Greater Sydney region.

For the first time in the entire pandemic, a regional LGA in NSW had more cases than those in Sydney. Hunter New England reported 103 new cases overnight – a quarter of NSW’s total of 406 cases for Thursday. To put that in perspective, Southwest Sydney has only reported 62 cases.

First Dominique Perrottet held a meeting with key ministers and health officials to discuss regional travel, saying COVID cases in regional areas would likely increase after Greater Sydney is granted unlimited travel within the state.

“We certainly believe, based on the advice we have received from (NSW) Health, that there will naturally be an increase in the number of cases, in hospitalizations, as mobility increases across the state,” he said. he said earlier this week, according to 9 News.

So put your Airbnb reservations on hold – we’re not out of the way just yet. You can read the rest of the 80% freedoms NSW will hopefully get next week here.

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