NW Yakima council seat up for grabs

The seat of the 6th Northwest Yakima District Municipal Council is open. Single-term city councilor Brad Hill chose not to run, which opened the door for candidate Lisa Wallace.

First impression – Lisa is smart, articulate, prepared and passionate. It’s pretty clear that she wants to help people and make Yakima a better place while reminding others of how great Yakima already is.

Wallace’s experience includes time spent on the Yakima Planning Commission as well as his work in courts defending victims and youth. She describes herself as an independent voter and was surprised to see the Progressive Democrat Voters Guide recommending her as the choice for District # 6.

She says she is running for office with the intention of serving her hometown. She loves Yakima and plans to stay, so she decided to get involved to work on her “house”.

On the trail of the doorbell, Wallace says she’s heard a lot of concerns about traffic, speed and safety as well as crime and violence.

She and her husband own Peak Performance Physical Therapy and she has spent a lot of time reading state regulations on Covid protocols for businesses. They follow the law because the law also provides for stiff penalties, but Wallaces says she would prefer multiple options for covid compliance … like other states have done!

When asked what it takes to be an effective council representative, she responded that someone is willing to do their homework, educate themselves on issues, listen and respond to voters and ask difficult questions.

Here is our interview with Lisa Wallace, candidate for the municipal council of the 6th district of Yakima.

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