NYC is the # 1 destination in the US this fall, according to Airbnb

So many people have booked Airbnb stays in New York for the fall that the rental website says it’s the hottest destination in the US right now.

Airbnb customers book longer weekends in cities known for their fall foliage and activities. In fact, US searches for large and medium-sized cities account for about a third of all searches on Airbnb each for the fall.

  1. 1. New York, New York State
  2. 2. Chicago, Illinois
  3. 3. Boston, Massachusetts
  4. 4. Washington, DC
  5. 5. Cincinnati, Ohio
  6. 6. Charlotte, North Carolina
  7. 7. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  8. 8. Berkshires, MA
  9. 9. Denver, Colorado
  10. 10. Newport, RI

These cities are also the most popular places to stay for trips of 28 nights or more, with 60% of nights booked long-term. As you might expect, longer stays are still in fashion as remote working continues this fall. These types of longer trips (3-4 days) increased by 70% between Q2 2019 and Q2 2021.

“It is clear that Airbnb customers are playing an important role in the recovery of tourism in New York and driving the economic impact in all five boroughs,” the website says. Remarks.

NYC and company predicted that 36.1 million people will visit New York in 2021. This summer alone, 10 million people are expected to visit the city, and since the quarantine requirement for domestic travelers was lifted on April 1, demand for he hotels in New York have steadily increased from 338,367 rooms for the week ending April 3 to 457,568 rooms for the week ending June 19, an increase of 35%.

Airbnb says guests are especially hungry for fall-colored destinations, from quaint northeastern towns full of fall activities to Midwestern destinations for leaf gazing.

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