NYT snubs Mark Levin, Stirewalt is back, Facebook denounces Emily Miller

What does it take for The New York Times to review a recurring author on its bestseller list?

Mark Levin doesn’t know.

Radio’s most popular conservative speaker and a Fox TV host told us he had seven New York Times bestsellers and never won a single review.

Its latest, American Marxism, is close to one million sales, and yet it was the crickets of the liberal newspaper that put the book at the top of its bestseller list for four consecutive weeks. It is also the American bestseller, retaining its No.1 spot on Amazon.

“I’m sure they would hate it,” he said.

  • Chris Stirewalt continues his regular comeback after being fired as Fox’s chief political information officer after former President Donald Trump criticized his decision to call Arizona early for Joe Biden on election night. We learn that he will be hosting the Julian L. Simon Memorial Awards dinner at the Competitive Enterprise Institute on September 21st. Stirewalt is now the political editor of the Dispatch and a senior researcher at the American Enterprise Institute.

  • Popular blogger Emily Posts Emily Miller, known for her Second Amendment specialization and her efforts to secure a concealed port permit in Washington, DC, has been suspended from Facebook, Big Tech’s latest liberal victim. She told us it was probably because of her criticism of the coronavirus vaccines and the nasty emails she received, which she replied to and posted on her account.

  • Emily Brooks of the Washington Examiner pulled this nugget from new census data on Florida’s more than 55 politically divided villages. “The Villages, Florida has been the fastest growing metropolitan area in the country this decade, up 39% from 2010,” she tweeted of the burgeoning retirement community. for, well, the baby boomers.

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